Agree or Disagree? Birdman Calls Nicki Minaj “The Best Female Ever”

 “I always say she’s the best ever, best female ever in hip-hop, hands down, facts.” 

The co-founder of Cash Money Records has nothing but praise for arguably the leading lady in hip-hop. As one of the most notable artists in the hip-hop industry in general (male or female), Nicki Minaj has racked up ten Grammy nominations, 4 Billboard Music Awards, has the most Billboard chart entries of any female artist in history and is the best-selling female rapper of all time. And those are just a few of her achievements. By the numbers, she clearly is leaps and bounds ahead of her competition.

But is there more to it than that? For over ten years now, Nicki has been one of the most prominent names in all of music. Credit must be given for that alone. It seems the turnover rate of new artists in hip-hop is pretty high, so her remaining a household name should not be taken lightly. She has expanded her reach beyond music, starring in a couple movies, signing modeling deals and much more. Her resume is by no means weak.

“They say that numbers don’t matter, but when they discussing the kings. They turn around and say LeBron ain’t got 6 rings.”

In her diss song, ‘No Frauds’, made in response to Remy Ma after last year’s feud, Nicki addressed the attacks that claimed there’s more to being the queen of hip-hop than just the numbers. For a minute, it seemed Remy was poised to attempt to end Nicki’s reign, but that soon fizzled as the hype died down. Bring in Cardi B. The newcomer has set the charts on fire with almost every release she’s put out since ‘Bodak Yellow’, but will she be the next Iggy Azalea? Quick flash in the pan type career? Time will tell, but with female rap coming more into the limelight as of late, the comparisons to Nicki have been impossible to avoid.

That alone is enough reason in my opinion to officially crown Nicki the queen. Newcomers aren’t compared to Lil Kim or Foxy Brown when they come onto the scene. Nicki comparisons are immediately drawn, and the attempts to “dethrone” the queen have fallen flat on numerous occasions at this point.

Either way, Nicki has been a ghost on social media. She hasn’t posted once since the start of 2018, but sources say she’s been hard at work on her followup to 2014’s “The Pinkprint”. Nicki herself has called the upcoming album a classic. If this ends up being true then we might as well customize that throne to her liking since she likely won’t end her reign anytime soon.

Agree or disagree?



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