45 International Music Festivals Pledge to Have 50/50 Gender Equality by 2022


A growing number of music festivals around the world have joined the pledge to have 50/50 gender equality in regards to their performers by 2022. Some of the festivals include NYC Winter Jazz Fest and Liverpool International Music Festival in England. So far only 2 festivals in the United States have made this pledge. What better way to start pushing for this type of change than through something everyone loves, like music?

It’ll be interesting to see how more mainstream festivals work to achieve this if it is in their future plans as well. So far in the U.S., it seems festivals that aren’t as commercial are the ones attempting to publicly fight this issue. This announcement comes after Grammy producer, Ken Ehrlich, claimed that women in music “need to step up” if they want to start being recognized more. This statement drew huge backlash from the general population, and motivated many female musicians to take a stand against Ehrlich. I’d be curious to know if these changes are in any way related to his words.

Gender inequality, in the U.S. specifically, has been a hot topic in recent times. It’s no secret that these inequalities are unfortunately prevalent, but in my opinion it’s awesome to see the music industry attempt to right these wrongs a little. If this news keeps spreading, I wonder who will be next to make the pledge?


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