Undiscovered Spotlight: Timmy Commerford


Artist: Timmy Commerford
Age: 22 years old
Location: Melbourne, Australia

Timmy Commerford’s style is one that can’t be put into a box. He’s worked within a variety of genres, and from what I’ve had the pleasure of listening to so far, kills it no matter what. The rising star from Australia has almost 40,000 subscribers on YouTube, and a growing social following that is treated to videos of both his originals and covers. Timmy recently talked with Not in Harmony, and shared some of his own music, his musical influences, favorite late night snack and more. Get to know our Undiscovered Spotlight artist:

LOST – Damon Empero ft. Timmy Commerford 

“Hey guys, my name is Timmy Commerford, and I’m a 22 year old, self-taught, musician from Melbourne, Australia. I first picked up a guitar about 10 years ago and just started learning as I went, from YouTube videos or simply placing my fingers on the frets until it sounded good, Haha!

I started singing about 5 years ago, and eventually started live performances, gigs, competitions and everything that involved music. I started up a YouTube channel in 2012, which originally was a prank channel to express my funny side, but eventually it transitioned into a channel for my music. It now sits at almost 40,000 subscribers! I have an amazing family and girlfriend who motivate me every day to chase my dreams, and I hope one day it’ll come!”

Q: Why music?

I’ve known ever since I picked up my very first guitar that there was no other feeling that would beat it. It makes me feel like nothing can stop me. I’m my happiest self when I’m playing music, so that’s all I ever want to do.
Q: What do you want people to know most about you/your music?

That it doesn’t take a hell of a lot of talent to be a musician. It’s all about how much you want it. I’m just an ordinary kid that couldn’t even hit a note when I was younger, but I taught myself that if I stuck to it, it’ll get better and better. I’ve never had any lessons or professional advice on any of my music, so that’s just proof that anything can be learned. You can literally achieve anything if you put your mind to it. I’m still learning so much every day, and I won’t ever stop. I know everyone says it, but chase those dreams, don’t ever stop!
Q: How would you best describe your musical style?

It’s such a tricky question because I love to play as many styles of music as I can. I don’t have a particular style. Obviously I started with acoustic/mellow songwriting and music on my guitar. But I’ve since done tropical, house, trap, acoustic, hip hop, pop… it’s ongoing, I love all types of music, and I never shy away from trying new styles!
Q: Who is your biggest musical influence?

I gotta say it’s Ed Sheeran. That guy proved if you want something enough it’ll come. He moved away from home and busked on the streets every day and night until he was noticed. I love how hungry he was. It gives us all a little hope. 
Q: Who is your dream collaboration?

I’d always dreamt of singing a track with Ed Sheeran. Haha. But that’s a little unrealistic. At the moment, I’d love to do a track with Kolohe Kai, who is an amazing band from Hawaii! Really digging their music.
Q: What is your favorite song right now?

‘Ehu Girl’ by Kolohe Kai! It’s got the best mood to it. It makes me so happy every time I hear it. 
Q: What inspires you when writing?

Everything! From my dreams, to personal experiences, there’s always some form of inspiration. 🙂 It’ll come to you. 
Q: What is your favorite lyric you’ve written?

“Let’s take a trip, Across the sea, Somewhere far away, And just be free.”
Q: Where is your favorite place to write?
A: By the ocean. There’s nothing more relaxing than sitting back on the sand, listening to the waves crashing in the background. It’s perfect for opening up your mind to writing!
Q: What is your favorite hobby outside of music?

I love sports. Soccer in particular! I play soccer 5 to 6 days a week. I play indoor soccer 3 days a week, then the other 2/3 I’m training and playing outdoor soccer. It’s my life outside of music!
Q: What is your all-time favorite TV show?

How I met your mother! I’ve watched this show start to end so many times, and I never get sick of it!! I might actually watch that tonight on Netflix, thanks for reminding me. 😂
Q: How do you find new music to add to your playlists?

Usually I find amazing new artists late at night when I’m browsing YouTube. Haha. I’ll sit on YouTube all night and usually I find awesome new artists on there. Otherwise Spotify’s top charts and new music threads are a great place to find new music!
Q: Last, but not least, what is your favorite late night snack?
A: Haha Maltesers for sure! Best chocolate ever 😍

Be sure to check out Timmy’s music and follow him for updates! He’s an awesome musician, and we’re stoked to hear what’s coming next! 


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