Premiere: Corey Pavlosky – ‘Weathered’


Artist: Corey Pavolosky
Location: Williamsburg, VA
Musical Style: Pop/Rock

Today we have a premiere from pop/rock artist, Corey. His new song ‘Weathered’ is packed full of emotional, relatable lyrics. ‘Weathered’ definitely leans toward a softer rock side, and we’re loving it. Check out the new song here:

Bio: Hailing from Williamsburg Virginia, singer/songwriter Corey Pavlosky combines the soaring choruses of artist such as Anberlin with the pop sensibility of John Mayer in his debut release “Atlas”. Corey got his start in 5th grade as a percussionist and went on to play guitar, bass, piano and sing. By the time he hit college he realized that the traditional path wasn’t for him. On the verge of dropping out, his parents approval was the push Corey needed to make music a full-time gig. As a solo artist “Atlas” will be the first of many original music releases, while playing the role of producer and co-writer for up-and-coming artists behind the scenes.

We’re excited to share Corey’s new music and hope to have more in the future. Check out his latest release ‘Weathered’!


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