Undiscovered Spotlight: Shenna

IMG_0181 2.jpg

Artist: Shenna
Location: New York, NY
Musical Style: Indie Pop with R&B influence

Our Undiscovered Spotlight artist, Shenna, was born and raised in Virginia before tackling the music scene in New York City. She describes her style as indie pop with R&B influence, and we couldn’t agree more after listening to some of her music. Her first album ‘Made of Gold’ was released in 2016 and some of its songs have been featured on MTV, VH1, Oxygen, CMT and more. Shenna’s music is infectious, powerful, relatable and just overall great. Different facets of her unique voice are shown on each track of hers. ‘Riot’ is a pump-up anthem that shows her vocal dominance, while ‘Magenta’ is infectious, poppy and smooth. Treat your ears to the vocal stylings of Shenna, and get to know one of your next, favorite artists in our interview:

Magenta – Shenna

Q: Who inspires you musically?
A: Corinne Bailey Rae is my favorite singer-songwriter! I also love Rihanna because of her overall brand.

Q: Why music?
A: Why not music? It is the best feeling to listen to emotions through songs and let others know your story.

Q: Who would you love to collaborate with?
A: My dream collaboration is Sia writing a song that I sing with both Drake and Rihanna featured on the track and Pharrell producing it! 

Q: What’s your favorite song at the moment?
A: “New Rules’ – Dua Lipa is a jam.

Q: What do you want people to know about you/your music?
A: I want to tell others my story and let them know being different is cool. I want them to feel through my lyrics.

So Low – Shenna

Q: What is your favorite lyric you’ve written?
A: “Take your time when you’re taking mine”

Q: What inspires you when writing?
A: Personal experiences and watching others through their experiences. 

Q: Where is your favorite place to write?
A: Alone by my piano.

Q: What is your favorite hobby outside of music?
A: Looking up what is new in fashion! I love how people express themselves through clothes!

Riot – Shenna

Q: What is your spirit animal?
A: A lion because I am a Leo. Lions are fearless and command attention plus have a mane full of her and I also rock a curly fro.

Q: What’s your favorite TV show?
A: I do not watch a lot of tv to be honest but my favorite Netflix series was Breaking Bad!

Q: What is your favorite way to find new music?
A: I love listening to Spotify’s Discover Weekly playlist!

Q: And finally, favorite late night snack?
A: I can not lie I still eat ramen noodles! It is honestly a small addiction I have.

If you’re looking for some fantastic, new music to check out, we’re recommending Shenna as one of our new favorites! ‘Riot’ and ‘So Low’ are a few standout tracks here at Not in Harmony, but all of her music is something special. We’re sure keeping our eyes locked on Shenna in 2018!



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