Rising Star Roundup


With our first Rising Star Roundup, we’re bringing not one, not two, not three, but FOUR, undiscovered artists that we’re really loving right now. Trust us. By the end of this post, you’ll have four new artists you’ll be adding to your weekend playlists. Throw your headphones in and start vibing with these up-and-coming artists and their music.

Rising Star – Mike Maxden

Screen Shot 2018-03-29 at 6.33.01 PM

“I know a lot of artists say that they’ve been fascinated by creating things ever since they were kids, but that wasn’t even remotely my case. I remember that creating original things was actually my worst nightmare back in elementary school, even if I just had to write a short story in 150 words, it would take me forever because I was just so uncreative. That all changed when I was about 14. As is usual at that age, I was going through quite a turbulent emotional time and for whatever reason, I thought music might give me a way to express myself and it could give me a sense of purpose. That was why I tried creating some things on my computer and of course, it all sounded awful.

It was quite frustrating at first but over time, I learned how to make music that sounds actually good. A huge turning point for me was when I went to an EDM festival for the first time. Before that, I had never even seen a DJ live and now all of a sudden, I got to see Don Diablo and then the king himself, Martin Garrix, performing on a stage. It was so beautiful and inspiring that when I was standing there in the crowd, I finally realized that I don’t just want this to be a hobby that I do once a week. I want this to be my life. I want to make people as happy as these amazing artists are making me feel right now and I’m willing to sacrifice everything else in my life in order to do that and to make my music heard.” – Mike Maxden

Distant Echoes – Mike Maxden

We’re super stoked to share Mike’s music with you all. Coming from an EDM lover, he does not disappoint. His music possesses everything that makes today’s EDM so great, but Mike still finds a way to add his own touch, ultimately creating tracks that we could see being HUGE someday. We asked Mike a bunch of questions and are sharing our 10 favorite with you below. Get to know Mike and his music some more:

10 questions with rising star_ mike maxden.png

Listen to More/Follow:

Rising Star – Milla

pic 22

Artist: Milla
Location: United Kingdon

Our second Rising Star is Milla out of the United Kingdom. Milla just released a new track ‘See Me Today’ which is fire. It gives off total Lauryn Hill vibes and we’re here for it. If this is the type of music we can continue to expect from the up-and-comer then we’re stoked for what’s next. Check out her new song and interview below:

10 questions with rising star_ mike maxden (1).png

See Me Today – Milla


Rising Stars – Oh Maddie

IMG_0723 (1)

‘Oh Maddie’, aka Ben Rowntree and Jack Pepper, released their debut single, ‘Youth’, on the 16th of February.

Adopted as a baby from Romania in the years following the collapse of the Soviet Union, Ben’s stark narrative explores the trauma and shortcomings of the past while at the same time expressing optimism and hope for the future. Oh, and you can dance to it too.
Lyrically and performance-wise, Ben counts the likes of Cohen, Dylan and Cave as among his influences.

Think a 21st century Dylan going dancing with Iggy Pop’ – NME

Their debut London show was a sell-out, and a European tour even led Ben to return to his birthplace, Romania, for the first time since his adoption.

Youth – Oh Maddie

Oh Maddie is our first band we’ve featured on the site, and we’re happy to kick it off with them. They’re style is super unique and results in awesome music. Their newest track ‘Youth’ is definitely one to add to the playlists. We can’t wait to hear what else they’re working on. Get to know the guys below:

10 questions with rising star_ mike maxden (3)


Rising Star: Danielle Cardona


Artist: Danielle Cardona
Location: Brooklyn, New York
Band Camp

Song for the Ladies – Danielle Cardona (Live)

Closing out our first Rising Star Roundup is Brooklyn artist, Danielle Cardona. We’re totally feeling Danielle’s music. The tone of her voice attracts your ears immediately, and she’s got the pipes to match it. Her tracks are awesome, but listening to her live is even more of an experience (one we’d highly recommend given the video above, and one we hope to get the chance to do someday). Her track ‘Song for the Ladies’ is one Danielle reintroduces every International Women’s Day, so even more of a reason to be a fan of this artist. Check out her interview below, give her a follow on social media and tune in for some great music:

10 questions with rising star_ mike maxden (4).png

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