Song Premiere: ‘You and I’ Nadro feat. Timmy Commerford


We’ve got a FIRE new track from our former Undiscovered Spotlight Artist, Timmy Commerford that just premiered. He’s pairing up again with Nadro on this one, which is always a killer combination. The two previously worked together on EDM tracks ‘Paradise’ and ‘Superheroes’.

It’s no secret that we’re huge fans of Timmy here at Not in Harmony, and that fandom is even stronger after this one. The pairing of Nadro’s production with Timmy’s vocals seems to always be the recipe for a great track. This new one, ‘You and I’, shows Timmy’s voice in a different light, and we’re digging it. He’s showing a smoother, more vulnerable side on this one. Both lyrically and vocally.

The song starts out with a lower production/singing combo, which leads into some awesome, vocal rawness from Timmy before the chorus. Just when you’re already loving the song, Nadro decides to go and throw in an insane drop. And just like that we’re hooked.

Play the link above or head over to YouTube for the song. But be warned, you’ll need to make sure you have extra space on your playlist for this one because there’s no doubt you’ll love it.


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