Rising Star: Jay SoLo

Screen Shot 2018-04-05 at 7.24.48 PM.png

Artist: JaySoLo
Location: New Jersey
Genre: R&B Alternative

Rising Star alert! Today we’re bringing JaySoLo, an R&B alternative artist out of New Jersey. Jay’s the type of artist that’s been missing from the music scene for awhile. As with INDAGO, who we featured last week, Jay possesses the type of artistry and talent that once used to dominate the airwaves. R&B has become a little less mainstream over time, but we’re happy to say we think Jay could be a contributor in bringing the genre back to the forefront. Tracks like ’10 Minutes’ give off Chris Brown/Jeremih type vibes over a dope hip-hop beat. Jay’s voice is crazy smooth, and he’s bound to be a star. In 2016, he dropped his BecomeAFan EP that included bangers like ‘Tonight’ and ‘Like Me’. He shows his versatility slowing it down with ‘Remind Me’. We are definitely here for it and recommend checking it out. Jump into JaySoLo’s music and interview below:

10 Minutes – JaySoLo

10 questions with rising star_ mike maxden (5).png

Tonight – JaySoLo

Keep your eyes on this man’s career. He’s getting ready to take off!


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