Rising Star Jo Rivers Talks With Not in Harmony


Artist: Jo Rivers
Location: Camden, New Jersey
Genre: R&B/Hip-Hop



“Besides being a vibrant soul with a personality filled with life and excitement, Jo is also an independent singer, songwriter, & musician proudly from Camden, NJ. She is a light that creates positive vibes with everyone she meets. You can often catch her on Instagram using the hashtag #icreatevibes to keep track of her journey, reminding her of where she came from and where she’s going. She currently has an EP available called, “I Don’t Even Know Yet”, which is accessible on all music outlets. She has lots in store for the world in the near future, so make sure you stay tuned.”

If you’ve seen our last few posts, you’ve most likely noticed that we’ve been on an R&B wave with our features. And today we’re keeping that going with New Jersey artist, Jo Rivers. In 2017, Jo released her EP ‘I Don’t Even Know Yet’, which is hot on all fronts. Production. Lyrics. Vocals. The intro track ‘Can’t Stop the Rain’ includes raw lyrics like “They want me to have standards yet they want me out my clothes” calling out the unfair societal expectations people have for women. Jo is clearly so confident in herself and her ability, and it clearly shows on this EP. The closing track ‘Hooks 4 the Low’ featuring Neykole is covered in swag from beginning to end. Very different from the rest of the tracks, but in the best of ways. We highly recommend checking this EP out (Spotify link above). Jo has real potential, and we can’t wait to see her blow up. Check out her interview and music below:

I Don’t Even Know Yet – Jo Rivers

Emily Chambers (3)

Chopped – Jo Rivers

Emily Chambers (4)

Emily Chambers (5)

After playing “I Don’t Even Know Yet” about five times straight all the way through, it’s pretty clear that we’re hooked here at Not in Harmony. Jo’s music is fire, and we can’t wait to hear what she’s got coming here soon. Check her out – you won’t regret it. 



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