New Artist Langston Hunter Talks Meeting Tyler the Creator’s Manager and More


Artist: Langston Hunter
Location: Houston, Texas
Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap


“I call in sick, you know I’m never, ever trying to go.”

^ Our new life motto, and also the opening line of ‘Mama, I’m Sick’ one of the many hot tracks from Langston Hunter’s latest album ‘Carousel’. We recently had the pleasure of interviewing Langston who is an extremely talented and unique hip-hop artist. We’re all about that unique style here at Not in Harmony. Langston’s music definitely makes you catch some vibes, and sits in a lane of its own. Songs like ‘Mama, I’m Sick’ have a more relaxed, catchy vibe, while he shifts the direction in the best of ways on tracks like ‘Lost at Sea’. Langston’s flow is a standout in today’s rap world, his lyricism is beyond impressive and relatable. He’s just an overall dope artist that we’ve been listening to for a little bit now.

Take some time to meet Langston Hunter. An up-and-coming artist out of Houston who could easily be a dominant force in today’s industry. He’s got something special here, and we can’t wait to see what’s coming next:

Climate Change

Carousel – Langston Hunter



Climate Change (1).png

Company – Langston Hunter

On & On – Langston Hunter

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