Premiere: ‘Birthday Drop’ – Kid Conrad

Birthday Drop Cover


Kid Conrad’s new single ‘Birthday Drop’ will be available on all digital platforms tomorrow, Friday April 20th, but we’re excited to premiere it on Not in Harmony ahead of time. Check out the fire new track above, and be sure to buy/stream when it becomes available tomorrow!

This one is a bass heavy track featuring Dozay with smooth rap lyrics that make you want to dance. Kid Conrad has our full attention, and his new single with Dozay is sure to be a hit on your summer playlist. The track starts off with slow, heavy-hitting beats and jumps right into it with strong lyrics from Dozay as his confidence is clearly shining. Dozay’s rhymes are fluid and perfectly tie together the lyrics and the drop. By the end, it comes full circle and takes you right back to where the song started with the production that captivated us in the first place. ‘Drop’ is an impressive new track that stands out and gives a unique, yet popular take on many EDM songs of our era.

Here at Not in Harmony we love artists that can create music that feel effortless, but gets the crowd going at the same time. Kid Conrad did just that and blows this out of the park by creating a tune that is sure to be circulating around the clubs very soon. Keep an eye out for this one, he’s going to be big!

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