Mark Borino Talks His First Million View Video, New Music and More


Artist: Mark Borino
Age: 25 years old
Location: New Jersey
Genre: R&B/Pop

Coming fresh off the premiere of his new single ‘No Time to Waste’ featuring Fvrthr, Mark Borino recently talked with Not in Harmony about how this track came to be, the road to success, his first million views and more. Mark is an extremely talented, genuine and hungry artist out of New Jersey who can sing the phonebook. He currently focuses on the R&B/Pop genres, but Mark can just as easily crush a feature on an EDM track.

Never an artist to be boxed in, Mark tries to go with what he’s feeling the most when making music. For years, Mark has been producing, writing and promoting his own music, which is really beginning to pay off. As of the time this post was written, his song ‘Thrill is Gone’, with Kovan, sits at 1.1 million views on YouTube – an achievement he and his biggest fan (his mom) are not taking lightly. We were fortunate enough to meet his mother briefly in our interview, and with good reason she had nothing but praise for her son who we could definitely see making it big someday. The quick cameo from his mom was just another reminder of how real of an artist and human being Mark is. These types of things make it easy to relate to both Mark and his music.

His current hit ‘Thrill is Gone’ came to fruition quickly as he was approached to record the vocals on the track one day after featuring on quite a few EDM tracks previously, including ones with Riggi & Piros. Mark said he instantly fell for the production and was all about adding his voice to the track. Hit play below to listen to this hot track:

‘Thrill is Gone’ – Kovan featuring Mark Borino

‘Thrill is Gone’ hitting one million views has been especially exciting for Mark as he has come to recognize the difficulty that can come with attracting new fans.

“It’s hard to get new listeners. Some people can be very stubborn with what they want to listen to. They just want to listen to what’s hot.” 

Mark’s sentiments are ones that we’re sure are shared across those that are working tirelessly to get their music careers off the ground. With an already saturated industry, artists must not only be sure to apply their talents to their art, but they need to find ways to stand out and make themselves known. Despite the obstacles that can appear, it’s clear to us that Mark is keeping his head up and charging forward to make this happen for himself, no matter what it takes.

His perseverance is evident in the successes he’s had to this point. As previously mentioned, Mark has recorded songs with EDM duo Riggi & Piros, one of which, ‘Memories’, was played by Cash Cash on one of his radio stations – a moment Mark was super proud of. And understandably so. With all of the work and daily grinding that goes into getting your music heard, moments like that are definitely ones to hold on to, and ones that he loves to share with his fans.

Aside from his music experience, the singer has learned the importance of having real fans. When talking to Not in Harmony, he stressed the importance of having engaged, genuine fans following your accounts because those are the ones that will listen to your music and support you. Follow @officialmarkborino on Instagram for hot covers and new tracks from Mark.

When making these originals and covers, Mark cites Justin Timberlake and Drake as a couple of his musical inspirations, however, it’s clear he has the right idea when it comes to creating great music. “When I go to make music, I’m never really thinking about these artists as I’m making my own stuff.” Statements like that clearly define the wisdom that can be gained from working regularly to get your work heard. While it’s expected that you will have artists that inspire you, it’s more important to remember to create your own lane and stay in that lane when making music. That’s what will turn you into a star.

At the age of 20, Mark had the opportunity to meet with a Grammy award-winning producer who listened to 10 seconds of his music and knew instantly that Mark had something special. Although this partnership wasn’t able to fully blossom, this was a turning point in Mark’s career. Along with this, the musical renaissance man also had the opportunity to produce music for rapper Fetty Wap. From these moments on, he knew there was really something there. Something that he no longer wanted to just explore. It was something that he wanted to begin to focus all of his attention on. His home studio ended becoming his haven for quite awhile, he told us. He explained that he’d go out for drinks with his friends, but even at the bars/clubs, his mind was only on his music and his focus was always on wanting to get back into the studio. Dedication like this is to thank for bangers like ‘Memories’:

‘Memories’ – Riggi & Piros featuring Mark Borino

As we mentioned, Mark is a music man across the board. He produces and writes his own work all of the time, but Mark has a certain order he likes to follow when in the studio. Stating that he doesn’t like to write music out of nowhere, he went on to specify that production comes first for him. Once he has a beat made up, he then is able to use his resources (including a lyric whiteboard in his studio) to continue the hit making process.

Working top to bottom on his music has allowed Mark to learn more about what works and what doesn’t. He advises anyone looking to break into the industry to really understand why they’re doing it and to be patient. Mark explains that this shouldn’t be something you pursue solely for the cool-factor because it’s a lot of hard work. Artists need to have that hunger and that drive to keep themselves motivated when things get tough and to really help keep their head above water to keep pushing forward. To make it big, Mark believes it’s important to make music more than just a hobby. It needs to become your life.

‘No Time to Waste’ – Mark Borino featuring Fvrthr

Talking to Mark has been one of our favorite interviews to date. His insight, his experiences and his music are all those of an artist that will without a doubt continue to rise in the industry. This interview is a great way to get to know Mark as an artist, but is also filled with awesome pieces of advice for artists that are in similar positions. Mark’s new single ‘No Time to Waste’ is available everywhere now. Check it out!


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