5 Things We’re Loving Right Now

5 Things We're Loving

  1. Beats by Dre™ headphones. When finding new artists to potentially work with, there’s nothing better than getting into your own zone and really focusing in on their music. No distractions. Only fire music.
  2. Spotify. We all have a streaming service we love these days. Spotify is a favorite as we become actual fans of the artists we work with and love to listen to any of their music available. Spotify makes it easy to find new tracks from all of these artists.
  3. Writing in bed. When writing new posts, there’s nothing better than being in full relaxation mode. I actually just signed up for a home trial through DreamCloud mattresses, so I’m basically sampling a dope new mattress for the time being and listening to great new music.
  4. Instagram. This social media platform is our go to for finding new artists to work with. The short videos allow us to get a quick idea of an artist’s talent as we like to listen to quite a few songs before deciding if we would like to partner with an artist.
  5. New music. Working with up and coming/undiscovered artists provides us with an abundance of new music to listen to all the time. We’ve been fortunate to work with a bunch of talented artists already!

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