American Idol Alum David Francisco Talks Upcoming Plans, New Music and the Importance of Forgiveness


If you’ve been on social media at all in the past few months, you’re sure to have seen the focus of our latest interview, David Francisco. David’s audition and story won the hearts of millions of Americans watching the ABC American Idol reboot, and close to another 50 million people online. He auditioned with his girlfriend and one of his biggest supporters, Kristi, by his side. In our interview with David, he revealed that Kristi has now become his wife, so big congratulations again!

For those that haven’t heard/seen the story, David was previously in a life-changing accident that left him unable to move his legs. He was riding his bicycle one day when he was struck by the driver of a vehicle. Although this incident has had a major impact on David’s life, it is my opinion that the details of the accident’s aftermath are almost more important to share as they truly reflect the kind of amazing individual that David is.

As the saying goes, we’re not defined by what happens to us, but by how we react. Despite everything that occurred, David continues to keep a smile on his face. He continues to push forward and to make progress on a daily basis. After having the chance to speak with David, I can confidently say he’s one of the most positive, good-spirited, kind people, I’ve ever encountered.

A huge takeaway from our interview was the importance of forgiveness in David’s life. Rather than pressing charges against the driver, David wanted to help her, not hate her. He thanks his strong support system for getting him to where he is today, however, he recognizes that not everyone has that same type of encouragement to surround themselves with.

This realization resulted in David asking the judge involved in his case to have the driver enter a rehabilitation program and to work to better herself as opposed to taking further legal action. It took some time, but eventually David came face to face with the driver of the car. The two met in Tennessee and immediately embraced each other. He ended up forgiving the woman and has continuously worked to move past all of this. Just another a huge testament of his character.

David Francisco American Idol Audition

Remaining true to himself, David’s positivity has only grown over time. Despite being cut on American Idol during Hollywood Week, he has kept his head held high. Based on our conversation, it seems opportunity is knocking on several doors for him at the time. Since his brief stint on the singing competition, David has had a ton of press and interviews and is still somehow finding time to make new music for his upcoming album, which he is planning on releasing this fall.

In addition to recording his music, David has quite a few other, exciting events coming up. On June 4th, he will be appearing briefly on The Ellen Show. Don’t miss it! Then just a few weeks later, David, along with his wife, Kristi and several other music industry professionals will be embarking on a 500 mile bike ride along the coast of California. The event kicks off on June 23rd and proceeds will benefit MusiCares and the Shepherd Center Foundation. For more info or to donate, visit DF Ride for Hope.

‘Lionheart’ – David Francisco

Just a few more fun facts about David:

  • David met Katy Perry before appearing on American Idol. He is a member of the charity organization MusiCares. When promoting her latest album, Witness, Katy invited several different people to meet with her over the course of a few days. As a fellow member of MusiCares, she asked to have someone from the organization come meet with her, and that person happened to be David! He had the opportunity to sing/play guitar alongside Katy and country star, Kacey Musgraves.

  • David was in talks to work on his upcoming album with the musical producer of the hit movie, The Greatest Showman. Unfortunately timing did not align due to both of their busy schedules.
  • When auditioning for American Idol, David arrived at 8am and wasn’t able to perform for the judges until 10pm. He did mention that judges Katy Perry, Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan were all super down-to-earth and kind when he met them.
  • David originally performed his original song ‘Lionheart’ for the judges, however, that did not make it on air unfortunately.

We cannot thank David enough for taking the time to speak with us and let us in on the details of his story. David is the definition of a great human being, and he is the type of person that the world could use more of today. We’re really stoked to hear his new music coming to us soon. Keep it locked on Not in Harmony for updates on that in the future!

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