Industry Interview: Artist Collective Founder, Evan Price, Shares Music Industry Tips

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We decided to switch it up for one of our recent interviews. Not in Harmony is the home of the undiscovered/up-and-coming artist in more ways than one. Not only do we bring you new music and interviews from our favorite artists, but we will be featuring interviews from time-to-time with those in the music industry that have the knowledge and experience to potentially help artists out there wanting to make it big. Our first Industry Interview comes from Evan Price, the founder of Artist Collective, which is a music consulting company out of Chicago. Check out the following statement from the Artist Collective website for a better understanding of their mission:

“Artist Collective is a music consulting company with the goal of taking artists from being a part-time musician to a full-time business. We hyperfocus on personal branding, time management, building superfans, and ways to monetize based on the specific skills of the artist.”

The company started out as a traditional management company with artist and American Idol alum, Vinnie Hines, as one of its first clients. Today, Vinnie has become Evan’s partner in the business as it has journeyed into a more consulting focus. With Vinnie’s music experience and Evan’s background in music business, the duo seem to have a recipe for success.

Evan’s passions started when he was a teenager. He jumped into concert promotion at the age of 14 as a big fan of metal music. Growing up in a smaller area, he describes the disappointment that came from not being able to see his favorite artists without traveling to a bigger city. Being an entrepreneur at heart, Evan didn’t give up on achieving his goals. He proceeded to contact the agents of a lot of these artists and ended up receiving agreements from a few of them. After tagging along for the tours of a couple artists, Evan decided this wasn’t the lifestyle for him, but his love and passion for the industry never faded, so he continued to pursue the strategic, business side.

Artist Collective often works with artists that have not yet signed to a management company, but may be in need of one. With their process, they put artists through an entire consultation, helping to determine the best options for the roadmap of their careers. Evan states that sometimes artists think they know what they need, but they are not always necessarily focused on the right things at the right times, so Artist Collective comes in to assist. Although the company is based in Chicago, they have clients they’ve worked with in other areas of the country. Regardless of location, if Evan and his team decide an artist is in need of the type of services they offer, then they are open to discussions.

Making sure that an artist’s music becomes their business and their brand, as opposed to just a hobby, is one of the musts for Artist Collective. They prefer to work with artists that possess the hunger to be constantly working towards a sustainable career. When asked what the biggest advice he’d give artists is, he responds by stressing the importance of super fans. His company believes it’s huge to have fans that will follow your music and your endeavors every step of the way, and that is a huge step in starting a career. Rather than jumping into business with a ton of different artists, his company has made the decision to begin working with around 10 artists in a three month program to start, as to make sure they can hyper-focus on helping steer them in the right direction.

In addition to the three month program, Evan and the rest of Artist Collective work to utilize contacts they’ve developed over the years to help develop artist’s careers if they feel they are ready. These contacts have grown at Artist Collective’s music networking events, which are held a few times a year and have great turnouts, according to Evan.

It was fantastic speaking with Evan and getting more insight into what his company does and how they can help artists looking to hit it big. Check out their site and Instagram pages below to learn more or get in touch.

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