Artist of the Moment: Stan Sono

Stan Sono Photo (1)

Artist: Stan Sono
Location: Chicago, IL
Genre: Hip-hop


Today we’re bringing you our Artist of the Moment, Stan Sono. Originally hailing from the Ukraine, the super chill hip-hop artist moved to Chicago with his family at a young age and hasn’t looked back since. Stan describes his musical style as an “eargasm”, which after listening to a bunch of his tracks, we’d have to agree with. His music is similar to Drake mixed with the The Dream in our opinion, except Stan takes it one step further by really putting his own flavor on his songs. A few of his tracks have garnered over a million listens on SoundCloud, while his music videos have been gaining traction as well. We’re pretty hyped for you all to check out his music, so get into it below and get to know this future star:

‘Westside’ – Stan Sono featuring Ricky P

Q: How do you think you’ve grown as an individual and as an artist since you started making music?
A: On an individual level – i definitely have thicker skin, more patience (even though I hate waiting) and always learning new shit every day. I feel as an artist I can adapt to anything now, and I’m getting even better as a songwriter. My song making ability is on point after making like thousands of songs throughout the years. So put me in a room with whoever and give me 30 minutes, and we’ll have gold on our hands, I promise.

Q: What’s the best advice you’ve been given about your music?
A: To keep pushin’ and always be me in the music, tell my story more. My boy Fya Man wants me to channel my inner David Ruffin more. He always comes with that wisdom and we got dope music on the way. Shouts to the OG Malik Yusef who’s a great mentor too. He told me to always go with my gut and the instant I hear something in my head, hit record right away. I always felt that way, but never actually did it 100% of the time. Now I do it 150% of the time like I voice record everything literally.

Q: Tell us about your song ‘Westside’. How did that come to be and what was it like making it?
A: Definitely – well I remember I had a trip to LA and somethin’ was tellin’ me to make a vibe that I could play out there. I gotta lotta homies in and around LA. So when that idea came, Westside happened pretty quick. I made the beat and had the hook down like at the same time. Then once I got to LA, one of my first sessions was with the homie Ricky P. His energy is contagious man, he’s super fun and just awesome to be around. So he did his thing to it and it was an instant classic. My fans really fuck with this one!

Q: And the video?
A: My guys Ted, Jay, and the team from PVSTCK went crazy. Ted flew out and shot it with me and it just makes u wanna be in Cali for sure.

Q: Any other new singles or albums coming that we can look forward to?
A: Yes and yes. I’m working on multiple projects and have a ton of music in the vault. Loadin’ up the clip and then you know what time it is.

‘Impress Me’ – Stan Sono

Q: What message do you want your music to have?
A: I think my message is one that starts and ends with love, loyalty, and sacrifice. Each song is a universe of its own. 

Q: If you could do a duet with any artist, who would you choose and why?
A: Right now, I would say I want to do a duet with Alina Baraz. She’s so dope, I love her voice and think us together on a song would go crazy. If I had the choice to pick a male artist, I’d say The Dream cuz everyone that knows me knows he’s my biggest influence…and the harmonies on that shit would be insane, lots of babymakin’ music.

Q: Who has been your biggest supporter throughout your career?
A: My mom and my family. They always want me to be happy and do what I love. That’s what they brought me here to do, in a way, from another country to live out a good life. I’m super grateful for them and without them I’d be nowhere.

Q: What are your favorite things to do outside of music?
A: I love the NBA, that’s my favorite shit to watch besides Netflix. I love Atlanta and The Walking Dead. Those shows are amazing high key. I love eating and checkin’ out new spots. Summertime Chicago is the best too so I’m definitely soakin’ up that sun when we have it.

Q: What is your favorite food to cook?
A: I make bomb ass pancakes, chocolate chip ones with strawberries and bananas and then you know some hash browns and scrambled eggs. Full breakfast, my shit flames!




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