Get to Know Rising Star Austin Fillmore

unnamed (11)

Artist: Austin Fillmore
Location: West Side Chicago
Age: 30 years old

Typically after discovering a new artist, checking out their music and learning more about them in our interviews, we try to find musicians in today’s scene that sound/feel similar to help our readers draw some comparisons. Austin Fillmore is different though because one listen to his music will make you instantly realize that there really is no one like him right now, and that’s huge. His track ‘Juke’ is vibrant, charismatic, funky and just overall dope (check it out below). Austin shows who he is in all of his music. He’s an artist in all senses of the word. One of the biggest ways to determine a true artist in our opinion is to be able to easily distinguish them when hearing their music. Listen to just a few seconds of an Austin Fillmore track, and you’ll be pressed to find ways to fight his artistry and his talent. We’re stoked to be sharing his music and his story with you today, and are even more stoked to hear what he has coming next. Austin has officially gained some new fans here at Not in Harmony, and we fully expect him to gain a bunch more after this interview.

‘Juke’ – Austin Fillmore

When did you know music was your thing? 
Well I grew up in church. My dad’s a pastor and mom played piano and sang in the church, so growing up, there was music all around me from church setting to the at home life. Growing up there was a rule in my parents’ house that we had to play an instrument and a sport. I played saxophone, clarinet and piano, and played basketball, soccer and football. Eventually we had to choose which to focus on as we got older and like my other siblings I chose a sport – basketball. But music would always find its way back. Like freestyling at the lunch tables when I was younger or at parties when i got older.

How long have you been making music?
I started making music seriously in 2008, so 10 years now.

What’s your favorite part about this type of lifestyle?
That’s a great question!! I think it’s the fact that I can meet so many new people from doing what I love to do. I get to connect and relate to so many different stories and lifestyles, so yeah getting to meet new people.

Any upcoming music, videos, albums, etc. we can look forward to?
On May 11th I dropped my 4th project titled TLFM VOL.1, and its definitely my best work yet!!! TLFM stands for “Think Less Feel More” which is my motto that I live by. It’s 7 songs that I feel can stand alone individually, so I put them all on one project. Each song is different, and that’s what I love about this project. It’s a project that you can just press play and not skip a single song.

What’s your creative process like when making new music?
It’s so random. Sometimes I write ahead of time and sometimes Iwrite in the stu. It’s random. The process is whatever I decided to make it when I make it lol.

‘Don’t Hate Me’ – Austin Fillmore

What artists inspire you most?
I don’t think one artist overall inspired me the most. It’s definitely a combination of a bunch of artists. From Michael Jackson to Nat King Cole to System of a Down to Ludacris to Andre 3000, Drake, Prince, Kings of Leon. I don’t think it’s the artist that inspired me the most, but the emotion that was created by them.

Going off of that, if you could work with any artist who would you choose and why?

That’s a hard question because I have a list, but if I had to pick top 3:
1. Wiz Khalifa – just always loved his style
2. Travis Scott – for the emotional experience
3. Drake/Kanye West- ’cause well it’s Drake/Kanye West lol

What’s one thing you want our followers to remember about you after this interview?
“Wow that dude is gonna be something big.” I just want them to go listen to project TLFM, and make their own judgements, so whatever they come away with they come away with.

What’s your favorite song and album out at the moment?
My favorite song is probably ‘Young n Dangerous’ off my project TLFM VOL, so yeah and that’s my favorite project lol.

What’s something you think the music industry could use a little more of?
Quality music. Artists that focus on making music that will last forever.

TLFM, Vol. 1 – Austin Fillmore

When you win your first Grammy, who will be at the top of your list to thank?
God/Jesus Christ. I’m a Christian, and I believe without him I wouldn’t be able to do what I do.

Tell us a little about your musical style.
I think to have a musical style is to put you in a box.. I don’t have a style. I just create what I feel, so my style is to thinklessfeelmore.

All time favorite movie?
Lion King haha

What animal would you say you relate to most?
Ummm never have been asked that question. I would say a lion – leader of the pack, but can also be a loner when I want. Follow my own rules, but still have a sense of responsibility for the people that I love.

Favorite TV show?
The Bernie Mac Show. That man had me cryin’ laughing every episode.


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