Eyes On Drewskii


Artist: Drewskii
Age: 25 years old
Location: Atlanta, Georgia

ATL based rapper, Drewskii, is an up-and-comer with the flow and lyricism of a seasoned vet. His mixtape, ‘Vibe’, is a recently-released combo of hard-hitting verses and overall just chill vibes. Head to his SoundCloud to hear just what we’re talking about. Each track holds its own, but our personal favorites are ‘Ride’ and ‘I Get It’. Drewskii teams up with Poppa Pat for 3 of the mixtape’s other songs, ‘Vibe’, ‘Bxtch Don’t’ and ‘Stuck’. Hit play on the mixtape below and let the vibes flow as you’re reading through Drewskii’s interview with us, getting to know the rising star. The artist is crazy insightful and has some great viewpoints. Check it out:

‘Vibe’ – Drewskii


When did your passion for music begin? 

My passion for music has always been a part of me. My pops was and still is a big influence in terms of my love for music. I mean every Christmas he’d get me a new funk CD, whether it was Earth, Wind, and Fire, Gap Band, Isley Brothers, Kool and the Gang, Bootsy Collins, etc. I believe that’s where my love and passion really stems from. Today, my team behind me is also a big driver. They are extremely supportive and do whatever they can to help me succeed. I started making music with my best friends and family and they are still the ones holding me down: M Low, Mane, A God. The OnTheHill concept was created several years ago with these guys, and now we’re really able to start making our dreams a reality. We have a few of us working every day to make that happen.

Tell us a little about your new mixtape ‘Vibe’. 

It’s a vibe. Ha, naw. I’m a firm believer in the power and influence that non physical energies can have over people. I feel like Vibe was my attempt in translating those energies into a more comprehensive form for my listeners. With that being said, Vibe is all about positivity, tempo, and feel. I have the ability to really dig deep lyrically, but that wasn’t my main focus on this tape, because sometimes I think crazy lyrics are unnecessary depending on what your main goal is. Music is a more complex entity than I think people realize; and plus, it’s an art form. So, there is no “correct” way to go about it. It’s all about interpretation.

What’s your favorite track off the mixtape?

That’s a hard one as over the creation of the tape it was constantly changing, but I would probably have to go with “Bxtch Don’t.” Like I said it’s all about energy and feeling and I think that song really hits on everything that I was looking for, while keeping a proper balance. I mean Poppa Pat is on there with some crazy vocals, lyrics are just right (not too much, not too little) and if you dig a little further than what you hear on the surface, there is a glimpse into the mind state that I have come to adopt. It’s less about females, and more about tunnel vision and that “non-side hustle” mentality.

Tell us about the creation process. 

So, I always start with an end goal when I start making a song, and that really comes from the frequencies in the beat. It’s all based on intention for me. Like am I trying to inspire, connect, move, or even make my listener stop and just think? It all depends on what your purpose is. Once you establish that, you just have to paint the picture. My best songs on Vibe are probably the ones that took me the least amount of time to make, because it’s all about a feeling. You sit down, and you just translate that feeling onto a piece of paper without thinking too much. My end goal was to create a vibe, if I tried to write those songs by overthinking it, the feelings/vibes would have been distorted. Now, I can sit down and write some crazy bars to really connect with my listener and that’s a whole different process. That wasn’t my goal for this tape.

Is this the first mixtape you’ve done?

No lol. I probably have about 10 mixtapes worth of music on my hard drive. This is the first mixtape I’ve shared with people outside of OnTheHill. Honestly, If it wasn’t for OnTheHill, this tape would still just be data on a hard drive for my ears only.


Any new music, videos, albums, etc coming out this year in addition to the mixtape?

Yes, a lot ha. We as a conglomerate are still in the beginning stages, figuring things out, but making moves all over the place. I mean we have quite a few people working their asses off right now, in so many different facets, to create a genuinely dope product. Next video coming out is going to be for the track “Solitude” off the tape, and I’m really pushing to have another mixtape out by September. We are in the process of creating a movement in Atlanta, and eventually beyond. OnTheHill events and parties are in the works, as that is a great way we can continue to spread the sound and vibe we embody while connecting with our listeners and friends on another level. We are working on getting other artists that we rock with involved in these events. There are a lot of people doin’ their thing in our area and we want to shed light on them as well. We are trying to do something different and be very inclusive while doing so. In the meantime, we’ll be rolling out new singles and visuals to keep people engaged and allow them to grow with us. Be on the lookout for new ish coming from our other artist Brandon Fish. Boy is a problem, good luck keeping up with his bars haha he’s so fire. He has a mixtape coming out in a couple months that we’re all very excited for. Our time is right around the corner.

What’s one thing you want our followers to remember about you after this interview?

I want my followers to go smoke one and catch a vibe. Haha naw, but for real, I really want to say to anybody who is keeping up with me and OnThehill that I’m just like you; we’re just like you. There is nothing magical about what we’re doing here. We just love what we do, and who we do it with. Keep searching, you’ll find it.

What’s your favorite track out right now? 

Probably ATM by J Cole. That man’s a beast.

What song do you think will be song of the summer and why? 

I honestly don’t have a clue. I listen to a ton of different music, but tend to take breaks when I’m creating as to not have it influence the way I make music. But, I’m sure it’ll be some Lil Pump ish. He really seems to be moving the masses right now.

If you could work with any 2 artists, who would they be and why? 

Bassnectar. Talk about creating a vibe, he’s one of the best to ever do it. The second would probably be Wiz Khalifa. Sometimes I sit back and listen to my music and just hear his influence. Really just want to get in a studio and kick it with the big homie, see what would develop.

Any other talents? 

I actually tied for votes for MVP on my college basketball team. So, if anybody really trying see me on the court, I have plenty of buckets that I can donate to their cause.

When you hit it big and get your first major record deal, what would you want the name of your debut album to be? 

OnTheHill, just so I can pay tribute to the ones who really believed in my vision from day one.

Favorite TV shows at the moment? 

Dragon Ball. I swear, that Dragon Ball ish ages like fine wine.

What do you like to do in your free time outside of music? 

I love working out, got to keep the image in check. Other than that meditation is probably my second love. Nothing makes me feel better than a little bit of mindfulness.


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