Electro Pop Artist, Lo Lo, Talks with Not in Harmony

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Artist: Lo Lo
Age: 23 years old
Location: Toronto, ON
Genre: Electro/Acoustic Pop

“I’m just so used to being yours” Lo Lo sings in the upbeat, catchy new pop tune ‘Yours’. ‘Yours’ tackles the aftermath of a breakup and trying to get used to not having things that became such a big part of your life. Lo Lo is definitely an artist destined for stardom. She’s edgy, unique and has that something special that makes a true artist. She gives off hints of Tove Lo and Julia Michaels, while still sitting strong in her own lane. Right now we’ve got ‘Yours’ on repeat and have no doubt you’ll be doing the same once you hear the new track. Let the song play on a loop as you get to know the rising star, Lo Lo, in our interview. Find out who she’d love to collaborate with, why Miley Cyrus is her favorite concert and why she’ll be thanking the first boy to break her heart in the future, below:

‘Yours’ – Lo Lo

How would you best describe your musical style? 

I’d say it’s a mix of electro pop and acoustic pop—I love to put in real sounds and real instruments. My music is also super personal, but I hope it’s also super relatable!

Your new song ‘Yours’ is unbelievably catchy. Tell us a little about the creation of this song and what it means to you. 

This song is everything to me. ‘Yours’ is my child. I was originally going to put out another song first for my debut, but after I wrote ‘Yours’, I knew it was the one. I wrote the song a couple days after I got dumped on April fools, and I immediately felt way better when I was done. ‘Yours’ came out quick and easy, and I just had a really special feeling about the tune. It’s honest, but it doesn’t take itself too seriously. I think it really relates to my personality.

Any other singles or albums we can look forward to from you in the near future?

Yeah! I’m definitely planning to release an EP soon….but until then, my second single will be coming out August 17th. I’m really excited for you guys to hear it!

Who or what got you into music?

When I was little I used to be obsessed with Shirley Temple Movies. I was hooked on them, and I wanted to be just like her. I made my mom put me in singing lessons and tap dancing lessons. I even had the same haircut as her…hopefully those pictures never resurface.

What artist or band inspires you most today? 

AH There are so many good ones to choose from. I love artists that write really personal, honest songs, that are also super catchy. That is the goal. Taylor Swift is epic because she doesn’t give a shit to call people out, and I feel like she helped me not give a shit either. I love Gavin DeGraw and Julia Michaels too. Their songs always give me the chills.

If you could collab with any 3 artists, who would you choose?

Eminem, Julia Michaels, Shawn Mendes.

Favorite way to find new music? 

Spotify! I love their new music Friday playlists. It makes it so easy to find new, cool shit.

‘Yours’ – Lo Lo (Lyric Video)

What will/would be the name of your debut album?

I was going to name It YOURS. After my first song…and because all of these songs were mine, and once I put them out, they’ll be yours 🙂 But I still haven’t decided…I might change my mind by then.

When you win your first Grammy, who will be at the top of your list to thank? 

Hundred percent going to have to thank the first boy who broke my heart…but would also have to thank my guitar teacher Elliott, because he forced me to write my first song, even though I was super shy and scared to do it!

Which venue is at the top of your list to perform at someday? 

Since I grew up in Toronto, I’ll have to say the Air Canada Centre. I saw my first concert there, and It would be a dream to play there myself.

How important has having a support system been for furthering your career? 

It’s definitely been very important. There’s been a few times where my anxiety was through the roof and I wanted to give up and just get a normal person job, but I’m happy I have amazing friends and family to tell me that I can do it.

What’s your favorite concert you’ve been to?

Miley Cyrus. That girl knows how to put on a SHOW… Hannah Montana was awesome too, I am not going to lie to you.

Favorite OREO flavor?

Regular Oreos!!! They are perfect just how God intended them to be ❤

Favorite food?

Nachos and Cheese

All-time favorite movie? 

Can I pick 8? All the Harry Potters

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