Soul-Pop Artist, Shako, Talks With Not in Harmony


Artist: Shako
Location: Queens, NY
Age: 23 years old

Think John Legend meets John Mayer. Both are two incredible artists with that soul-pop feel spreading good vibes with their music. After today, you’ll want to add another name to that list, Shako. Shako is a brand new artist of Georgian nationality, who was born in Kazakhstan, raised in Russia and is currently living in Queens, NY. His debut single ’99 Problems’ was inspired by a subway encounter that exemplified true love for him. At that time, it was clear the couple didn’t have excess wealth, but they had something so much more inspirational for Shako – happiness. The song just really makes you feel good above all else. Shako’s songwriting is above-and-beyond. It does just what lyrics should in painting a clear picture for listeners. With more music like this, we could see big things coming for Shako. Check out ’99 Problems’ below and get to know the up-and-comer out of Queens:

’99 Problems’ – Shako

When did your passion for music begin? 

My passion for music began around the age of 5 when my dad started taking me to jazz clubs in Russia.

Tell us a little about your new single ’99 Problems’. 

It’s one of the first songs I have ever written. It rides that perfect wave of being a Pop track, but with heavy jazz influences. It holds a very special place in my heart.

What’s your favorite track you’ve recorded so far?

This is my first single, all my favorite tracks are still yet to come.

What goes into your process for making new music? 

I always want to make sure I’m experimenting with new elements. I start with the music instrumentation. If the chords don’t inspire me, I don’t bother to write anything to it. The foundation has to be strong in my opinion in order to build something special.

Any new music, videos, albums, etc coming out this year in addition to the mixtape?

I have some live in studio acoustic tracks coming out in the near future. I want to show people a live raw side of me. I’m excited for that material to drop!

What’s one thing you want our followers to remember about you after this interview?

I want people to remember that I am just getting started into being my own solo artist, and that I am going to continue to grow my artistry and test new boundaries.

What’s your favorite track out right now? 

’99 Problems’ is my first original track I have released off my EP. The rest of my songs are coming out soon, and I am so excited!

What song do you think will be song of the summer and why?

Whatever Drake ends up dropping next I guess. For now, I have to say “LA Girls” by Charlie Puth. He puts the right amount of jazz in his pop punch with that one.

If you could work with any 2 artists, who would they be and why?

Bruno Mars and Anderson Paak. They are both artists that don’t ride trends in music but set them. Anytime I listen to a new track, I can’t help but want to learn it and decode it. I feel like I would learn so much about being an artist from them.

When you hit it big and get your first major record deal, what would you want the name of your debut album to be? 

So far it’s “Thank you’s & Apologies”. I am not 100% certain on a title.

Any other talents? 

I draw a lot.

Favorite TV shows at the moment? 

I am heavy into Atlanta! Donald Glover is a genius. I still wonder how one person can be so good at so many things.

What do you like to do in your free time outside of music? 

Anytime I am not working or doing music I am either at the gym or trying to better myself growth.

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