New Single: ‘Conversation’ by Shenna

unnamed (2)

Awhile back we featured up-and-coming Pop/R&B artist, Shenna, here on the blog. We spoke to the uniqueness and swagger she brings to her tracks, and her new song ‘Conversation’ doesn’t stray from what makes her great. She described writing the track as a way to encourage people to share how they really feel:

I wrote this song because I feel that a lot of times people avoid telling someone they care about the truth, afraid they will hurt them but in reality it’s hurting both sides by not having a real personal conversation to hash out problems.”

Shenna’s voice coasts effortlessly over the production creating an experience from beginning to end. Shenna has previously been featured on MTV, Netflix, Oxygen and more. Her career is on the rise, and we’re excited to watch its trajectory as big fans over here.

Hit play on ‘Conversation’ below and see where to buy/stream after:

‘Conversation’ – Shenna

Apple Music/iTunes



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