Treat Your Ears to the Music of Wil Glover


Artist: Wil Glover
Genre: R&B

SMOOTH LIKE BUTTER. Our exact thoughts after having the pleasure of checking out the music and incredible vocals of Wil Glover. His tracks, ‘You’ and ‘Truth’, are both classic, R&B songs that will be loved by fans both in and outside of the genre. In recent years, R&B as a genre has taken a step away from the mainstream, but artists like Wil really give us faith in its’ revival. When asked who his dream collaborator would be, Wil listed Beyonce as one of his choices due to her vocal prowess, and we are here for it. Check out some of his music below, and just picture the 2 of these artists going head-to-head on a legendary R&B track. We’d love to see that come to fruition someday. In the meantime, get to know Wil Glover as an individual and as an artist below:

‘You’ – Wil Glover

Who is your biggest musical influence?

My biggest influence is definitely my mom and Stevie Wonder. I grew up with my mom, who is a singer/songwriter, always bouncing music ideas and concepts off of me. It really taught me the how to format those ideas into songs. When I heard how Stevie used so many layers of creativity in a song, it set me on fire to a path where I did the same in my own music.

Who is your dream collaboration?

My dream collaboration would me Beyoncé and/or Bruno Mars. Not because they are widely popular but more because that have so much range of musical possibilities in their skill set. It’s a dream when you can create with someone without limits.

What is your current favorite song?

My joint right now is “Role Play” by Eric Belliinger, the way that guy writes makes your imagination go to work.

How would you best describe your musical style?

I would describe the music I create as a fusion of multiple genres. One song can sound like R&B, Gospel, jazz and Hip-Hip all at once, I just call it Life Music.

What is your favorite lyric you’ve written thus far?

Mmmm, Good question, my fave right now is the hook for my single “YOU”

‘Surrender my heart to you, I do.

Lead me I will follow, pursue.

Cause I can’t live without you, its true.

And no one else can heal me ‘cept You.’

Why music?

Music speaks in so many different ways simultaneously, melodically; lyrically; sonically… spiritually the possibilities are endless. I feel blessed to be able to use it as a form of communication.

What do you most want people to know about you/your music?

I get asked more, “Where did this come from?” lol. That answer is literally my life! I’m actually writing the soundtrack of my legacy.

What inspires you when writing?

Different things inspire me. Being a country boy from South Carolina, yard work was a big part of my Saturday mornings. I’d write songs out of the rhythms I hear outside or my footsteps as I was mowing the lawn or if bird chirped a melody. Don’t give me a subject, lol.

‘Truth’ – Wil Glover

Where is your favorite place to write?

In solitude. I can hear the instruments in my head, the chord progressions and harmonies. That quiet allows me the space to create at my own pace.

What is your favorite hobby outside of music?

Probably playing tennis, I was the #1 player in high school and I really enjoy playing.

What is your spirit animal?

At this point in life, I’m only interested in flying high so I would have to say an Eagle is absolutely my spirit animal.

What is your favorite way to find new music to add to your playlists?

Probably thru iTunes, it’s normally how I find new music.

Last, but not least, favorite late night snack?

Fruit, lol. I’m a snacker so a fruit salad is always on deck.



Get to Know Local Motive

LoMo LH Profile Pic with Logo

Artist: Local Motive
Age: 35 years old
Location: Chicago, IL

Based out of Chi Town, Local Motive is all about the soulful/old-school R&B style. The soul is evident in every lyric and note sung by the group’s lead. The passion, the pain, the feeling. It’s all there. The group recently released a 9-track album, ‘Grams’, which features plenty of great tracks. Our current favorites are ‘Twigs’ and ‘High Life’, but the whole album is worth your time. Back in May of this year, the group headlined the House of Blues, so there’s lots to be excited about for the members and their fans. We’ll spare you some reading talking about how great these guys really are, and we’ll let their music and story do some talking of its’ own. Press play on some of their music below, and get to know more about Local Motive through our interview with member, Michael Vinopal:

‘Killer’ – Local Motive (Live at Lincoln Hall)

How old are you?

Just turned 35 on Christmas Day 2017. Yep, I’m a Christmas baby.

Where are you from?

I was born and raised in the northwest suburbs of Chicago. Des Plaines when I was little, moving to Arlington Heights somewhere around kindergarten where I spent the bulk of my youth. Went to college at Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana, moved to St. Louis for a bit, then returned to Chicago in 2010 when Local Motive originally started. We’ve gone through some lineup changes, but myself, my cousin (rhythm guitarist Chris Vinopal), and trumpet player, Matthew Sypherd have remained constant. I currently live in Logan Square at a place we affectionately refer to as “The Tree” with my lady and our two fur-babies (Minnie the dachshund and Luna the cat) .

Who or what helped get you into music?

My dad, John Vinopal, grew up with 6 other siblings, many of which played guitar, sang, and performed in the theater to some capacity (high school musicals and that like). My mom, Jan Vinopal, made me take piano lessons when I was about 6 years old for which I’m eternally grateful. Around the time of Green Day’s “Dookie,” Silverchair’s “Frogstomp,” and Nirvana’s “Nevermind,” I became enamored with the electric guitar and asked to quit piano lessons. My dad made me earn it though, telling me that I had to show I was serious by learning the basics on his old beat-up nylon-stringed classical. He taught me the first position chords and then encouraged me to learn by ear, as he had done, playing along to my favorite records. I never really took any formal guitar lessons. Just imagine, a teenager trying to be “grunge” with an old Yamaha classical guitar. On my 13th birthday, Dad took me to Guitar Center to pick out the Fender Stratocaster that I still play to this day. I’ve added some guitars to the collection but that one’s my baby and will always be my favorite.

Did you teach yourself to sing?

I guess. I’ve always loved singing and was luckily around lots of it when I was little. My dad and his brothers would sing amazing 3-part harmonies which they had honed when they were younger, copying groups like Sha Na Na and later Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young. I’ve always had a great love for harmony and after my grunge and metal phase, I became obsessed with the blues, Motown, and all those classic soul singers like Ray Charles, Otis Redding, and Sam Cooke. Oh man, and I love the ladies too! Aretha, Ella, Etta, Gladys…I could go on for days. I just loved their passion and how emotional it was. Like they were singing from their toes! Still gives me the chills and I try to bring that same spirit to what we do in Local Motive. 

Do you play any instruments?

Guitar is my primary instrument but I still love to mess around and sometimes even write on piano. I also play the bass whenever possible because it’s so damn fun! In the last few years, I’ve also become quite fond of the ukulele, having collected 3 at this point, ranging from cheapo toy ukes to a really nice one I got last year for Christmas. Drums are really the only thing that I can’t do too much with. The independence of limbs it requires is so challenging so I leave that to the real drummers out there. But man is it satisfying to bang on some drums! I only wish I could play more that my 3 stock rock beats.

If so, how did you learn to play those and how long of a process was it?

Learning an instrument is a lifelong process. There’s always things to learn and ways to improve. I’ve been really lucky that music has made sense to me from an early age, probably more so than anything else. 

Tell us a little about your new music. 

Local Motive’s main influences are that of old-school rhythm & blues. I have a great love of soul and funk music, but at my core, I’m a blues player. I really loved rock music when I was younger, even heavy metal for a time, but as I developed my own style & character as a songwriter, blues made the most sense to me. I loved hearing guys like Buddy Guy & B.B. King just really dig into notes they played, bending the shit out of them, sometimes gently like on B.B.’s “The Thrill is Gone” but also with such aggressive attack like Buddy’s “First Time I Met The Blues.” But there were also those tunes where those blues riffs were so damn funky! And the horns and the way they incorporated those elements into the blues, it just was so powerful to me. I was like, “I wanna do that.” And the singing! They truly sang like each note was their last, straight up from their toes, resonating through their body, and coming out of their mouths with this unworldly power.  And I heard it again in their unbridled playing of possibly my all-time favorite, Jimi Hendrix. What an unbelievable force of nature! He broke all the rules of blues, yet he captured that same passion & power. When I first heard it, and I mean like REALLY heard it, it stopped me in my tracks. So I try to bring that passion and power to our performances & our songwriting, hoping that we might stop someone else in their tracks.

We recorded a 4-song EP at first at Rax Trax Recording here in Chicago. Originally I picked that studio after taking a tour because their was an autographed picture of Buddy Guy on the wall. I asked about it & the engineer told me that Buddy had recorded there. In my mind, if it was good enough for Buddy, it was absolutely where I wanted to be laying down this band’s first tracks. At that point I understood, that there would never have been a Jimi Hendrix without Buddy Guy playing electric blues as aggressively as he did. And I wanted to be true to his example too, incorporating that flavor that only horns can bring. Plus we had modern influences that brought this band together, particularly the band CAKE, with their sound that incorporated nearly every genre you could think of, utilizing the trumpet to make their music glow. That first go-around, we were really excited and spent perhaps a little too much time producing the songs. So the second time we returned to Rax Trax, I decided we would go for a more live-energy, a more raw sound that represented more accurately who we were & are as a band. The result was “Grams,” our first full-length & our first release on vinyl. It was less produced & had that perfect amount of dirty funk to it. I can still listen to that record over & over & over again. It truly turned out more perfectly than I could have ever imagined & we owe a great deal to the wizard, Noam Wallenberg, who helped us achieve it.

Any performance rituals you follow before going on stage?

Nothing in particular. I love talking through the set with the band to mentally prepare ourselves so that we are confident, comfortable, and ready to sit way back on that groove, so we can really enjoy ourselves. I also really love getting out there in the crowd to enjoy the other bands with my friends & family that make it out to support my creative pursuits. Having a chat, a drink, sharing a real-deal bearhug or high-five or whatever with those people can really help to fill you up with love before you go do your thing. And if your heart is full of love when you step on that stage, it may sound silly, but I believe that you’ll be able to pump that love-power out into your audience & fill them up with it too. I think music is magic like that. It’s able to cross generations, cultures, even time. 

What are you thinking of when you record and perform your music?

I’m thinking, “I want people to feel this. I want people to feel less alone in the world when they hear this.” Music is not only magic, but it’s that extra powerful magic. The messages we put out there into the world have a ripple effect & I want the ripples I create to be full of positivity & hope. I want it to mean something to me so that it can mean something to someone else. I also want it to be the kind of music that anybody can listen too & derive enjoyment from it. I know that not everyone is going to like every song, but I know that there is at least one Local Motive song for everyone, no matter their musical tastes, whether it’s the music that gets them or the lyrical messages.

What’s something you want our readers to remember about you after this interview?

I want your readers to know that it’s ok not to be ok. I do a lot of work with a non-profit organization here in Chicago called Hope for the Day, who’s mission is proactive suicide prevention & mental health education and that is our call to arms. Too often people are shamed for having mental health challenges when in reality, we’re all human beings & we all have a brain that we have to keep healthy.  If we don’t, injuries are possible, just like spraining an ankle or breaking you leg. If you are struggling today, tomorrow, next week, next month, next year, it doesn’t matter. Maybe it isn’t you that’s struggling, but someone you know, you can always reach out to me via the band page. We can help you through it. We’re in this together. Life can be overwhelming & lonely at times. I want your readers to know that I’ve got their back, that I’m right here. 

‘Gracie’ – Local Motive (Live at Lincoln Hall)

What inspires your songwriting?

A number of things inspire my songwriting but one can never really anticipate what is going to inspire them. I was inspired to write our first single, “Twig,” after a conversation with a friend from England that was visiting Chicago. We were talking about life & the struggles that many people face, sometimes even more heinous than we can ever imagine. She said, “Just be a twig,” meaning that when shit gets tough, be a “twig” & let the raging river of life just carry you. Essentially go with the flow or roll with the punches or some other old adage.

People we interact with each day can inspire us in their words, their actions, even their experiences, in addition that of our own. Sometimes songs just fall out of my head while other times I really have to pull them out, bit by bit. I guess if some idea or thought bubbles inside me long enough, I start feeling like, “I should write that down,” or “I should make a quick voice memo of that idea.” Sometimes I may not come back to it right away and then when I do, I get inspired all over again.

Any other new songs or albums coming out soon that we can look forward to?

We made a video of one of our newest compositions recently while we were recording our submission for the NPR Tiny Desk Contest. We submitted a performance of the first single of the Grams LP, “Twig,” but before calling it a night we figured we should lay down a version of “Supposed To Be.” It’s a great new tune & will likely be a single off our next record. It has a hook that goes “Are you happy to be free now?Or are you sad to be alone?” I think it’s an extremely powerful & relatable lyric as love is such a tricky thing for most to navigate in life, especially now in a world of click culture, social media, Tinder, Bumble, & the like, where people don’t want to put the work in on a relationship like they once did before all that. We’ve got another new one that’s been completed called “Gloria,” about a singer downtown that has all the power. The song oozes with sexuality & really flips the script where this lady leaves a trail of heartbroken men pining for her, but she gives zero fucks. These super funky songs are the beginnings of our next record for sure. 

Where’s your favorite place to perform?

For me, it’s not 100% about the venue, rather the energy in said venue. Playing a historic room like the House of Blues or Lincoln Hall or Metro is amazing in its own right but if you’re not feeling that energy from the people in the room, then it can’t be your favorite, at least not that night. Not to pander to HOB since we’ve got a show coming up & all, but no joke, we played HOB between Christmas & New Year’s in December 2016 for a special Home for the Holidays local music showcase where that energy was through the roof! You not only felt the history of the stage & all the world-famous performers who have graced it, but you felt this wall of love rising to meet the joy emanating from the stage. It was tremendous & I’ll never forget it. With that said, when we played at Metro after releasing our first single, it had that same vibe, so I guess I’d have to flip a coin.

On the topic of performances, what’s a venue you’re looking forward to headlining someday?

I think it would be amazing to headline a big outdoor venue someday like Millenium Park’s Pritzker Pavilion or Alpine Valley up in Wisconsin. That’s where I saw my first huge outdoor concert way back in high school. And while we’re talking moon shots, maybe play one of those huge festival stages like Bonnaroo or Jazz Fest in NOLA. That would be incredible!

What artists inspire you and your music?

Well obviously given my earlier answers, definitely all the classic soul singers and legendary blues guitarists really inform a lot of what I do musically, but if you want to talk contemporaries, The Black Keys, The White Stripes, Leon Bridges, Gary Clark Jr. & the Alabama Shakes are definitely equally influential. At the end of the day, I’ve got to give it up once more to CAKE, as they are one of those bands that took all these seemingly disparate influences and somehow distilled it into their own undeniable sound which carries through all their records throughout their career, while remaining fresh, an extremely hard task to achieve. Inspiration for our music comes in all forms as I love listening to a vast variety of artists & genres. Not only that, live experiences really inform where the music is going, particularly lyrical content. Lots of fucked up shit going on in the world today & there is no doubt that it also informs my musical inspirations.

What keeps you motivated to do what you do on a daily basis?

Honestly, music is my medicine. It helps me valve out the pressure that builds up from the daily stressors of life. Without music, my mental well-being would surely suffer. It helps me relax. It gives me an outlet. It gives me a platform. It helps me learn about myself & it helps me to learn about the world. It gives me momentary solace. But most of all it brings smiles, shakes hips, & tap toes. Not just my own, but that of the people that I love & the people I have yet to meet. I’ll say it again…music is magic.

If you could go back 10 years, what advice would you give yourself knowing everything you’ve accomplished now?

Not sure what to say that won’t sound slightly corny but I’d tell myself, “Take care of yourself. If you can be your best self, you’ll be a better friend, brother, neighbor, colleague, & lover to those who need you.” I’d also tell myself to invest in Netflix & Amazon stocks for sure, cause I could use the money. Got another album to record! Thank you so much for helping to amplify our message & to spread our music around. It means the world to me. -Mike Vinopal of Local Motive


Electro Pop Artist, Lo Lo, Talks with Not in Harmony

unnamed (1).jpg

Artist: Lo Lo
Age: 23 years old
Location: Toronto, ON
Genre: Electro/Acoustic Pop

“I’m just so used to being yours” Lo Lo sings in the upbeat, catchy new pop tune ‘Yours’. ‘Yours’ tackles the aftermath of a breakup and trying to get used to not having things that became such a big part of your life. Lo Lo is definitely an artist destined for stardom. She’s edgy, unique and has that something special that makes a true artist. She gives off hints of Tove Lo and Julia Michaels, while still sitting strong in her own lane. Right now we’ve got ‘Yours’ on repeat and have no doubt you’ll be doing the same once you hear the new track. Let the song play on a loop as you get to know the rising star, Lo Lo, in our interview. Find out who she’d love to collaborate with, why Miley Cyrus is her favorite concert and why she’ll be thanking the first boy to break her heart in the future, below:

‘Yours’ – Lo Lo

How would you best describe your musical style? 

I’d say it’s a mix of electro pop and acoustic pop—I love to put in real sounds and real instruments. My music is also super personal, but I hope it’s also super relatable!

Your new song ‘Yours’ is unbelievably catchy. Tell us a little about the creation of this song and what it means to you. 

This song is everything to me. ‘Yours’ is my child. I was originally going to put out another song first for my debut, but after I wrote ‘Yours’, I knew it was the one. I wrote the song a couple days after I got dumped on April fools, and I immediately felt way better when I was done. ‘Yours’ came out quick and easy, and I just had a really special feeling about the tune. It’s honest, but it doesn’t take itself too seriously. I think it really relates to my personality.

Any other singles or albums we can look forward to from you in the near future?

Yeah! I’m definitely planning to release an EP soon….but until then, my second single will be coming out August 17th. I’m really excited for you guys to hear it!

Who or what got you into music?

When I was little I used to be obsessed with Shirley Temple Movies. I was hooked on them, and I wanted to be just like her. I made my mom put me in singing lessons and tap dancing lessons. I even had the same haircut as her…hopefully those pictures never resurface.

What artist or band inspires you most today? 

AH There are so many good ones to choose from. I love artists that write really personal, honest songs, that are also super catchy. That is the goal. Taylor Swift is epic because she doesn’t give a shit to call people out, and I feel like she helped me not give a shit either. I love Gavin DeGraw and Julia Michaels too. Their songs always give me the chills.

If you could collab with any 3 artists, who would you choose?

Eminem, Julia Michaels, Shawn Mendes.

Favorite way to find new music? 

Spotify! I love their new music Friday playlists. It makes it so easy to find new, cool shit.

‘Yours’ – Lo Lo (Lyric Video)

What will/would be the name of your debut album?

I was going to name It YOURS. After my first song…and because all of these songs were mine, and once I put them out, they’ll be yours 🙂 But I still haven’t decided…I might change my mind by then.

When you win your first Grammy, who will be at the top of your list to thank? 

Hundred percent going to have to thank the first boy who broke my heart…but would also have to thank my guitar teacher Elliott, because he forced me to write my first song, even though I was super shy and scared to do it!

Which venue is at the top of your list to perform at someday? 

Since I grew up in Toronto, I’ll have to say the Air Canada Centre. I saw my first concert there, and It would be a dream to play there myself.

How important has having a support system been for furthering your career? 

It’s definitely been very important. There’s been a few times where my anxiety was through the roof and I wanted to give up and just get a normal person job, but I’m happy I have amazing friends and family to tell me that I can do it.

What’s your favorite concert you’ve been to?

Miley Cyrus. That girl knows how to put on a SHOW… Hannah Montana was awesome too, I am not going to lie to you.

Favorite OREO flavor?

Regular Oreos!!! They are perfect just how God intended them to be ❤

Favorite food?

Nachos and Cheese

All-time favorite movie? 

Can I pick 8? All the Harry Potters

Eyes On Drewskii


Artist: Drewskii
Age: 25 years old
Location: Atlanta, Georgia

ATL based rapper, Drewskii, is an up-and-comer with the flow and lyricism of a seasoned vet. His mixtape, ‘Vibe’, is a recently-released combo of hard-hitting verses and overall just chill vibes. Head to his SoundCloud to hear just what we’re talking about. Each track holds its own, but our personal favorites are ‘Ride’ and ‘I Get It’. Drewskii teams up with Poppa Pat for 3 of the mixtape’s other songs, ‘Vibe’, ‘Bxtch Don’t’ and ‘Stuck’. Hit play on the mixtape below and let the vibes flow as you’re reading through Drewskii’s interview with us, getting to know the rising star. The artist is crazy insightful and has some great viewpoints. Check it out:

‘Vibe’ – Drewskii


When did your passion for music begin? 

My passion for music has always been a part of me. My pops was and still is a big influence in terms of my love for music. I mean every Christmas he’d get me a new funk CD, whether it was Earth, Wind, and Fire, Gap Band, Isley Brothers, Kool and the Gang, Bootsy Collins, etc. I believe that’s where my love and passion really stems from. Today, my team behind me is also a big driver. They are extremely supportive and do whatever they can to help me succeed. I started making music with my best friends and family and they are still the ones holding me down: M Low, Mane, A God. The OnTheHill concept was created several years ago with these guys, and now we’re really able to start making our dreams a reality. We have a few of us working every day to make that happen.

Tell us a little about your new mixtape ‘Vibe’. 

It’s a vibe. Ha, naw. I’m a firm believer in the power and influence that non physical energies can have over people. I feel like Vibe was my attempt in translating those energies into a more comprehensive form for my listeners. With that being said, Vibe is all about positivity, tempo, and feel. I have the ability to really dig deep lyrically, but that wasn’t my main focus on this tape, because sometimes I think crazy lyrics are unnecessary depending on what your main goal is. Music is a more complex entity than I think people realize; and plus, it’s an art form. So, there is no “correct” way to go about it. It’s all about interpretation.

What’s your favorite track off the mixtape?

That’s a hard one as over the creation of the tape it was constantly changing, but I would probably have to go with “Bxtch Don’t.” Like I said it’s all about energy and feeling and I think that song really hits on everything that I was looking for, while keeping a proper balance. I mean Poppa Pat is on there with some crazy vocals, lyrics are just right (not too much, not too little) and if you dig a little further than what you hear on the surface, there is a glimpse into the mind state that I have come to adopt. It’s less about females, and more about tunnel vision and that “non-side hustle” mentality.

Tell us about the creation process. 

So, I always start with an end goal when I start making a song, and that really comes from the frequencies in the beat. It’s all based on intention for me. Like am I trying to inspire, connect, move, or even make my listener stop and just think? It all depends on what your purpose is. Once you establish that, you just have to paint the picture. My best songs on Vibe are probably the ones that took me the least amount of time to make, because it’s all about a feeling. You sit down, and you just translate that feeling onto a piece of paper without thinking too much. My end goal was to create a vibe, if I tried to write those songs by overthinking it, the feelings/vibes would have been distorted. Now, I can sit down and write some crazy bars to really connect with my listener and that’s a whole different process. That wasn’t my goal for this tape.

Is this the first mixtape you’ve done?

No lol. I probably have about 10 mixtapes worth of music on my hard drive. This is the first mixtape I’ve shared with people outside of OnTheHill. Honestly, If it wasn’t for OnTheHill, this tape would still just be data on a hard drive for my ears only.


Any new music, videos, albums, etc coming out this year in addition to the mixtape?

Yes, a lot ha. We as a conglomerate are still in the beginning stages, figuring things out, but making moves all over the place. I mean we have quite a few people working their asses off right now, in so many different facets, to create a genuinely dope product. Next video coming out is going to be for the track “Solitude” off the tape, and I’m really pushing to have another mixtape out by September. We are in the process of creating a movement in Atlanta, and eventually beyond. OnTheHill events and parties are in the works, as that is a great way we can continue to spread the sound and vibe we embody while connecting with our listeners and friends on another level. We are working on getting other artists that we rock with involved in these events. There are a lot of people doin’ their thing in our area and we want to shed light on them as well. We are trying to do something different and be very inclusive while doing so. In the meantime, we’ll be rolling out new singles and visuals to keep people engaged and allow them to grow with us. Be on the lookout for new ish coming from our other artist Brandon Fish. Boy is a problem, good luck keeping up with his bars haha he’s so fire. He has a mixtape coming out in a couple months that we’re all very excited for. Our time is right around the corner.

What’s one thing you want our followers to remember about you after this interview?

I want my followers to go smoke one and catch a vibe. Haha naw, but for real, I really want to say to anybody who is keeping up with me and OnThehill that I’m just like you; we’re just like you. There is nothing magical about what we’re doing here. We just love what we do, and who we do it with. Keep searching, you’ll find it.

What’s your favorite track out right now? 

Probably ATM by J Cole. That man’s a beast.

What song do you think will be song of the summer and why? 

I honestly don’t have a clue. I listen to a ton of different music, but tend to take breaks when I’m creating as to not have it influence the way I make music. But, I’m sure it’ll be some Lil Pump ish. He really seems to be moving the masses right now.

If you could work with any 2 artists, who would they be and why? 

Bassnectar. Talk about creating a vibe, he’s one of the best to ever do it. The second would probably be Wiz Khalifa. Sometimes I sit back and listen to my music and just hear his influence. Really just want to get in a studio and kick it with the big homie, see what would develop.

Any other talents? 

I actually tied for votes for MVP on my college basketball team. So, if anybody really trying see me on the court, I have plenty of buckets that I can donate to their cause.

When you hit it big and get your first major record deal, what would you want the name of your debut album to be? 

OnTheHill, just so I can pay tribute to the ones who really believed in my vision from day one.

Favorite TV shows at the moment? 

Dragon Ball. I swear, that Dragon Ball ish ages like fine wine.

What do you like to do in your free time outside of music? 

I love working out, got to keep the image in check. Other than that meditation is probably my second love. Nothing makes me feel better than a little bit of mindfulness.


New Artist Alert: Kacy Moon


Artist: Kacy Moon
Age: 24 years old
Location: Florida

Every single person’s path to their dream is different, and those differences are what makes us unique. Take this week’ feature in our New Artist Alert, Kacy Moon. Kacy is a budding artist with a classic, catchy pop sound that leaves her music playing over and over again in your head after one listen. The discovery of her love for music and performing came not from performing itself, but from somewhere completely different, martial arts. Kacy has been on ESPN2, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Good Day LA and is able to call Taylor Lautner one of her former teammates. Today, Kacy has carried over these techniques into her performances, adding some fighting flare to her live shows.

‘What Do I Do’ – Kacy Moon

How would you describe your style of music? 

I would call it shiny, fun pop with genuine, heartfelt lyrics

What or who inspired you to pursue this passion? 

My inspirations when I was younger were Shania Twain, Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera. I would watch their concert videos, and try to reenact what they were doing. I just loved singing and performing.

Who pushed me to pursue this was Mike Chat – my martial arts coach. He approached me when I was 13 to consider transitioning from the martial arts world to a move to LA to pursue entertainment. He had done the same with my former teammate Taylor Lautner, and he went on to do big things.

You’ve clearly already accomplished a ton outside of just music. Out of your achievements thus far, which are you most proud of and why? 

I’m honestly most proud of my perseverance. I’ve had my fair share of set backs but I just keep pushing through. Everyone has their own journey and for most it’s not an over-night success story.

Going off of that, which of your past experiences/achievements would you say has been the most impactful on your music career to date?

When I was younger I had written and recorded all of these songs that I never released. I felt like I needed to find a manager or a label first. But then I realized I don’t want to wait on anyone – I want to put my music out there for the world to hear. That’s when I started releasing my music independently.

What inspires you when making new music? 

Anything I’ve been through! I feel things very deeply but I don’t always show it. Music gives me the opportunity to tell that person how I’m really feeling without actually telling them. Sometimes I’ll write about something that happened 4 years ago but it still feels just as good as writing about something that happened yesterday.

Who do you currently look up to in the music industry? 

I think Lauv is amazing – he’s an independent artist and he’s killing it.

‘Guarded’ – Kacy Moon

What was the first concert you remember going to? 

Shania Twain. I think I was about 5 years old. I got out of my seat, snuck past security and ran up to the stage. I gave her flowers and she stopped singing to bend down and pick them up. She gave me a guitar pick and held the flowers for the rest of the song!

Who is your favorite artist and how have they impacted you? 

It’s a toss up between Shania Twain and Justin Timberlake. Career wise I want to have one that mimics JT – he managed to make such a smooth transition into acting and is able to do both and be well-respected in both areas. As for Shania Twain, she has the sound that I admire – not necessarily country (although I absolutely love country music) but just the fact that she kind of created her own sound. Everything was so catchy and had such cool production, yet her lyrics were so genuine and honest and easy to relate to. That’s what I’m aiming for.

Tell us a little about your new single “What Do I Do”. 

This song I cowrote and recorded with my producer Szabo in Sydney, Australia.  It’s kind of a sad song in a way because it’s about someone who really let me down and changed on me and I’m left wondering how to make things work and if it’s worth it. But the production makes it into this upbeat and fun song!

Any other new singles, albums, concerts, etc coming up? 

Yes! I have a new single coming out in August, and will be releasing 2 more singles before the end of the year. All of these songs were cowritten and recorded with Szabo.

What are some of your favorite things to do outside of music?

I love working out with my personal trainer. I try to go 5 days a week, and I work out with a group of girls which is awesome. I also love just hanging out with my friends, whether it’s going to the beach or going out for drinks, and I’m getting back into acting which is exciting!

What role do your family/friends play in your career? 

My family is so supportive and really believes in me. I never could’ve done this without my mom and dad. They’re amazing.

What’s been the best piece of advice you’ve received? 

That just because it seems like nothing is happening for you, the fact that all these doors keep opening and pushing you in the direction of your dream shows you that you’re where you’re supposed to be.

Get to Know Rising Star Austin Fillmore

unnamed (11)

Artist: Austin Fillmore
Location: West Side Chicago
Age: 30 years old

Typically after discovering a new artist, checking out their music and learning more about them in our interviews, we try to find musicians in today’s scene that sound/feel similar to help our readers draw some comparisons. Austin Fillmore is different though because one listen to his music will make you instantly realize that there really is no one like him right now, and that’s huge. His track ‘Juke’ is vibrant, charismatic, funky and just overall dope (check it out below). Austin shows who he is in all of his music. He’s an artist in all senses of the word. One of the biggest ways to determine a true artist in our opinion is to be able to easily distinguish them when hearing their music. Listen to just a few seconds of an Austin Fillmore track, and you’ll be pressed to find ways to fight his artistry and his talent. We’re stoked to be sharing his music and his story with you today, and are even more stoked to hear what he has coming next. Austin has officially gained some new fans here at Not in Harmony, and we fully expect him to gain a bunch more after this interview.

‘Juke’ – Austin Fillmore

When did you know music was your thing? 
Well I grew up in church. My dad’s a pastor and mom played piano and sang in the church, so growing up, there was music all around me from church setting to the at home life. Growing up there was a rule in my parents’ house that we had to play an instrument and a sport. I played saxophone, clarinet and piano, and played basketball, soccer and football. Eventually we had to choose which to focus on as we got older and like my other siblings I chose a sport – basketball. But music would always find its way back. Like freestyling at the lunch tables when I was younger or at parties when i got older.

How long have you been making music?
I started making music seriously in 2008, so 10 years now.

What’s your favorite part about this type of lifestyle?
That’s a great question!! I think it’s the fact that I can meet so many new people from doing what I love to do. I get to connect and relate to so many different stories and lifestyles, so yeah getting to meet new people.

Any upcoming music, videos, albums, etc. we can look forward to?
On May 11th I dropped my 4th project titled TLFM VOL.1, and its definitely my best work yet!!! TLFM stands for “Think Less Feel More” which is my motto that I live by. It’s 7 songs that I feel can stand alone individually, so I put them all on one project. Each song is different, and that’s what I love about this project. It’s a project that you can just press play and not skip a single song.

What’s your creative process like when making new music?
It’s so random. Sometimes I write ahead of time and sometimes Iwrite in the stu. It’s random. The process is whatever I decided to make it when I make it lol.

‘Don’t Hate Me’ – Austin Fillmore

What artists inspire you most?
I don’t think one artist overall inspired me the most. It’s definitely a combination of a bunch of artists. From Michael Jackson to Nat King Cole to System of a Down to Ludacris to Andre 3000, Drake, Prince, Kings of Leon. I don’t think it’s the artist that inspired me the most, but the emotion that was created by them.

Going off of that, if you could work with any artist who would you choose and why?

That’s a hard question because I have a list, but if I had to pick top 3:
1. Wiz Khalifa – just always loved his style
2. Travis Scott – for the emotional experience
3. Drake/Kanye West- ’cause well it’s Drake/Kanye West lol

What’s one thing you want our followers to remember about you after this interview?
“Wow that dude is gonna be something big.” I just want them to go listen to project TLFM, and make their own judgements, so whatever they come away with they come away with.

What’s your favorite song and album out at the moment?
My favorite song is probably ‘Young n Dangerous’ off my project TLFM VOL, so yeah and that’s my favorite project lol.

What’s something you think the music industry could use a little more of?
Quality music. Artists that focus on making music that will last forever.

TLFM, Vol. 1 – Austin Fillmore

When you win your first Grammy, who will be at the top of your list to thank?
God/Jesus Christ. I’m a Christian, and I believe without him I wouldn’t be able to do what I do.

Tell us a little about your musical style.
I think to have a musical style is to put you in a box.. I don’t have a style. I just create what I feel, so my style is to thinklessfeelmore.

All time favorite movie?
Lion King haha

What animal would you say you relate to most?
Ummm never have been asked that question. I would say a lion – leader of the pack, but can also be a loner when I want. Follow my own rules, but still have a sense of responsibility for the people that I love.

Favorite TV show?
The Bernie Mac Show. That man had me cryin’ laughing every episode.


Nathan of Oceanic Talks with Not in Harmony

unnamed (10)

Photo Credit: Jacob Buwalda

Nathan of Oceanic
Age: 20 years old
Location: Born in the Netherlands, but currently in Lynchburg, VA

Remember the faces. Remember the name. Oceanic is a hugely promising group that we for sure could see blowing up in the near future. Their latest single ‘Party Song’ hit the Spotify Viral Charts and for obvious reasons. The group is far from another boy band. They are four talented musicians brought together to create something amazing. You’d be pressed to find another group with a sound and style like theirs. We had the pleasure of speaking with group member, Nathan, about their upcoming single, aspirations and inspirations and more. Hit play on their single ‘Party Song’ below and let it play as you get to know the budding star:

‘Party Song’ – Oceanic (Spotify and YouTube links)

How old are you?

I am twenty years old, as of April.

Where are you from?

I was born in the Netherlands, but currently live in Lynchburg, Virginia for college.

 Who or what helped get you into music?

My parents were very instrumental. They put me in music lessons when I was four or five years old—one of the best things that ever happened to me. In junior high school, I had a music teacher that taught me to use my ears to bring out the music that was inside me, and that was probably the single most formative music thing that happened to me. He forced me to join choir and shaped the way I play to this day.

 Did you teach yourself to sing?

I had around four or five voice lessons in high school, to get me started a little bit. Other than that, I guess Chris Martin and Bono taught me to sing through their music. I largely just tried to sing like my favorite bands.

How did the group come to be?

The band formed when Jacob (our guitarist) and I met in our college dorm in 2016—we started playing guitar together. I think the first thing we ever did was record a cover of WALK THE MOON’s “Shut Up And Dance”… It was pretty bad. Anyway, Jacob showed me a great guitar riff that he had come up with a year or so before, and over the next couple weeks we wrote our first song, “…You.” (It’s our next single, by the way.) We really didn’t know if it was any good or not, we were just flying blind. We felt more like a band when we played our first open mic, and noticed that people really liked what we did. That, I would say, is when we felt like a band.

What’s been your favorite memory as a group so far?

This sort-of answers the question… Our favorite memory is that we all four live together. We do so much crazy stuff and have so many laughs. That’s been the best part of being a band so far for sure.

 Do you play any instruments?

I do! I personally play piano, drums, and guitar.

 Tell us a little about your newest music. 

Our newest (and first) single is called Party Song. It actually just hit one of Spotify’s viral charts today! The song is called “Party Song,” but really its about loneliness. It’s about loneliness and the crazy things that people do to cope with it. I’ve been there myself, where instead of calling out for help, I’m acting like everything’s great in my own life, because everyone else seems that way. So I guess the song is about being honest about loneliness.

 What are you thinking of when you record and perform these songs?

Hitting the right notes, mostly! I jest. Actually, the thing we love most about recording and playing our music is that we get to connect with people. We LOVE the opportunities we’ve had to meet new people, and have relationships with them. So really, we’re always thinking about the people we’ll get to meet.

 What’s something you want our readers to remember about you after this interview?

That’s a great question. I would want readers to remember that I would love to grab coffee with them.

What inspires your songwriting?

Wow. A hard question… Really anything thought-provoking, I’d say. The universe is full of incredible truths and lies and beauty. Good music that other bands make is inspiring, God is inspiring. I think most of the time, I write a song based on my personal ponderings on a certain day or week or month. There’s so many incredible and terrifying things about our world to think about that I can’t help being inspired.

 Any other new songs or albums coming out soon that we can look forward to?

Absolutely! We haven’t officially announced it yet, but our next single, called “…You,” should be out in June sometime. We’ll release another couple singles before an album next year.

 Where’s your favorite place to perform?

Well we definitely enjoy every show we’ve played. I don’t think there’s been a show that we regret. We had a particularly awesome time at Project Stand in Greensburg, Pennsylvania. It’s an anti-drug addiction day of music and free food, and lives were changed. It’s happening again this year, in September, and we’ll definitely be there again!

 On the topic of performances, what’s a venue you’re looking forward to headlining someday?

Oh, all the classics. Madison Square Garden, the Rose Bowl, the Super Bowl, whatever. Or just venues we have seen cool bands play. Like, we’ve seen Hippo Campus play in the Jefferson Theater in Charlottesville, NC. We’d love to play there. In reality though, we’re incredibly thankful for any show that we get to play. We’re playing original music, and people want to come see it. That’s an incredible honor that many people don’t have.

 What artists inspire you and your music?

We take sonic influence from Coldplay, WALK THE MOON, Hippo Campus, Julia Rothenburger, and other artists like them. As far as who inspires us, though, really any artist doing good work. Jack White, Donald Glover, Avicii, anyone.

 Who’s an artist, living or passed, that you would love to work with?

For me, Chris Martin. I’d love to hang out and have a piano lesson. Or someone like Skrillex or Jack Antonoff, I’d love to work with an open-minded producer like them.

 What keeps you motivated to do what you do on a daily basis?

People do, mostly. Our favorite part about playing music is connecting with different people and creating relationships with them. We’ve met so many incredible people that we would never know if it hadn’t been for Oceanic, so the prospect of meeting more people and spreading love is what keeps us motivated.

 Why have you chosen music and what do you love most about it?

It comes back to people, again. We all love playing music, so that’s great, but really we chose it as a career to be able to love people. We want our music and our lives to inspire someone to think about the world differently, and we want to bring love with us wherever our music takes us.

 If you’re not performing or recording new music, what’s your favorite thing to be doing?

As a group, we probably love just hanging out with each other and making weird jokes the most. Anyone that knows us knows that our brains are just strange. But we love being strange, and we love humor, so it just happens. That’s probably the most fun we have.

For me personally, I love photography, or any other artistic pursuit! That’s what I have fun with.

 If you could go back 10 years, what advice would you give yourself knowing everything you’ve accomplished now?

I would say, “Do something every day that will make you better at music.” That’s specific to me, but I think anyone can benefit. If a person does something—anything—that moves them toward a goal every day, she or he WILL become better at it. I’d say it puts them in the top 10% of other people who are trying to succeed at the same thing. Creativity is hard work. It pays off, for sure, but you’ve got to put the time and effort into it for a long, sustained amount of time. So this answer is a little less-than-poetic, but it’s definitely what I would tell myself.