New Music: Kacy Moon – Cherry On Top

Kacy Moon is back with some new music! We featured Kacy on Not in Harmony recently, so we’re especially excited about this new track. ‘Cherry on Top’ is upbeat, electro-pop feeling track, and we’re really digging it. Super catchy and fun. This is the type of music that could dominate the radio waves with theContinue reading “New Music: Kacy Moon – Cherry On Top”

Treat Your Ears to the Music of Wil Glover

Artist: Wil Glover Genre: R&B Follow/Listen: Facebook Instagram Twitter SMOOTH LIKE BUTTER. Our exact thoughts after having the pleasure of checking out the music and incredible vocals of Wil Glover. His tracks, ‘You’ and ‘Truth’, are both classic, R&B songs that will be loved by fans both in and outside of the genre. In recent years, R&BContinue reading “Treat Your Ears to the Music of Wil Glover”

Undiscovered Spotlight: Substance Abuse

Artist: Substance Abuse (Eso Tre and Subz) Age: Young enough to not give a fuck, but old enough to know better. Location: Big bad Los Angeles is where we hail from. Spotify YouTube Substance Abuse is a hot, up-and-coming hip-hop duo out of Los Angeles. The group is made up of Eso Tre and Subz, and they recentlyContinue reading “Undiscovered Spotlight: Substance Abuse”

New Single: ‘Conversation’ by Shenna

Awhile back we featured up-and-coming Pop/R&B artist, Shenna, here on the blog. We spoke to the uniqueness and swagger she brings to her tracks, and her new song ‘Conversation’ doesn’t stray from what makes her great. She described writing the track as a way to encourage people to share how they really feel: “I wroteContinue reading “New Single: ‘Conversation’ by Shenna”

Get to Know Local Motive

Artist: Local Motive Age: 35 years old Location: Chicago, IL Based out of Chi Town, Local Motive is all about the soulful/old-school R&B style. The soul is evident in every lyric and note sung by the group’s lead. The passion, the pain, the feeling. It’s all there. The group recently released a 9-track album, ‘Grams’, which features plentyContinue reading “Get to Know Local Motive”

Soul-Pop Artist, Shako, Talks With Not in Harmony

Artist: Shako Location: Queens, NY Age: 23 years old Follow/Listen: Instagram Twitter Facebook Think John Legend meets John Mayer. Both are two incredible artists with that soul-pop feel spreading good vibes with their music. After today, you’ll want to add another name to that list, Shako. Shako is a brand new artist of Georgian nationality, who was bornContinue reading “Soul-Pop Artist, Shako, Talks With Not in Harmony”

Electro Pop Artist, Lo Lo, Talks with Not in Harmony

Artist: Lo Lo Age: 23 years old Location: Toronto, ON Genre: Electro/Acoustic Pop Follow/Listen: Instagram Spotify “I’m just so used to being yours” Lo Lo sings in the upbeat, catchy new pop tune ‘Yours’. ‘Yours’ tackles the aftermath of a breakup and trying to get used to not having things that became such a big part of your life.Continue reading “Electro Pop Artist, Lo Lo, Talks with Not in Harmony”

New Song: ‘Evolution’ by Cori

A couple months ago, we premiered a new track ‘Split’ by EDM artist, Cori. The headbanger was a favorite, and this weekend he’s back with a new one, ‘Evolution’, which he’s dropping for free. ‘Evolution’ is a step back intensity wise from his previous track, but in a great way. The track still falls intoContinue reading “New Song: ‘Evolution’ by Cori”

Eyes On Drewskii

Artist: Drewskii Age: 25 years old Location: Atlanta, Georgia Follow/Listen: Instagram Soundcloud Spotify ATL based rapper, Drewskii, is an up-and-comer with the flow and lyricism of a seasoned vet. His mixtape, ‘Vibe’, is a recently-released combo of hard-hitting verses and overall just chill vibes. Head to his SoundCloud to hear just what we’re talking about. Each track holds itsContinue reading “Eyes On Drewskii”