New Music Monday

IMG_4293The work week is back again, but we’ve got just what you need to kick it off right. New music from not one, not two, but three of our favorite previously featured artists. Over the past few months, we’ve had the pleasure of interviewing some amazing artists and have become huge fans of all of them. Just one major reason we’re stoked to add today’s New Music Monday tracks to our playlists.

Below we’ve got a new song from David Francisco ‘She Makes Me Want to Sing’, a sizzling banger from David Manceor ‘Destiny’ and the new video ‘Coffee’ from Nsjae. These tracks are perfect for work, the ride home, the gym – whatever your heart desires. Enough from us though. Throw in your headphones and let the music do the talking:

She Makes Me Want to Sing – David Francisco

Destiny – David Manceor

Coffee – Nsjae

Nathan of Oceanic Talks with Not in Harmony

unnamed (10)

Photo Credit: Jacob Buwalda

Nathan of Oceanic
Age: 20 years old
Location: Born in the Netherlands, but currently in Lynchburg, VA

Remember the faces. Remember the name. Oceanic is a hugely promising group that we for sure could see blowing up in the near future. Their latest single ‘Party Song’ hit the Spotify Viral Charts and for obvious reasons. The group is far from another boy band. They are four talented musicians brought together to create something amazing. You’d be pressed to find another group with a sound and style like theirs. We had the pleasure of speaking with group member, Nathan, about their upcoming single, aspirations and inspirations and more. Hit play on their single ‘Party Song’ below and let it play as you get to know the budding star:

‘Party Song’ – Oceanic (Spotify and YouTube links)

How old are you?

I am twenty years old, as of April.

Where are you from?

I was born in the Netherlands, but currently live in Lynchburg, Virginia for college.

 Who or what helped get you into music?

My parents were very instrumental. They put me in music lessons when I was four or five years old—one of the best things that ever happened to me. In junior high school, I had a music teacher that taught me to use my ears to bring out the music that was inside me, and that was probably the single most formative music thing that happened to me. He forced me to join choir and shaped the way I play to this day.

 Did you teach yourself to sing?

I had around four or five voice lessons in high school, to get me started a little bit. Other than that, I guess Chris Martin and Bono taught me to sing through their music. I largely just tried to sing like my favorite bands.

How did the group come to be?

The band formed when Jacob (our guitarist) and I met in our college dorm in 2016—we started playing guitar together. I think the first thing we ever did was record a cover of WALK THE MOON’s “Shut Up And Dance”… It was pretty bad. Anyway, Jacob showed me a great guitar riff that he had come up with a year or so before, and over the next couple weeks we wrote our first song, “…You.” (It’s our next single, by the way.) We really didn’t know if it was any good or not, we were just flying blind. We felt more like a band when we played our first open mic, and noticed that people really liked what we did. That, I would say, is when we felt like a band.

What’s been your favorite memory as a group so far?

This sort-of answers the question… Our favorite memory is that we all four live together. We do so much crazy stuff and have so many laughs. That’s been the best part of being a band so far for sure.

 Do you play any instruments?

I do! I personally play piano, drums, and guitar.

 Tell us a little about your newest music. 

Our newest (and first) single is called Party Song. It actually just hit one of Spotify’s viral charts today! The song is called “Party Song,” but really its about loneliness. It’s about loneliness and the crazy things that people do to cope with it. I’ve been there myself, where instead of calling out for help, I’m acting like everything’s great in my own life, because everyone else seems that way. So I guess the song is about being honest about loneliness.

 What are you thinking of when you record and perform these songs?

Hitting the right notes, mostly! I jest. Actually, the thing we love most about recording and playing our music is that we get to connect with people. We LOVE the opportunities we’ve had to meet new people, and have relationships with them. So really, we’re always thinking about the people we’ll get to meet.

 What’s something you want our readers to remember about you after this interview?

That’s a great question. I would want readers to remember that I would love to grab coffee with them.

What inspires your songwriting?

Wow. A hard question… Really anything thought-provoking, I’d say. The universe is full of incredible truths and lies and beauty. Good music that other bands make is inspiring, God is inspiring. I think most of the time, I write a song based on my personal ponderings on a certain day or week or month. There’s so many incredible and terrifying things about our world to think about that I can’t help being inspired.

 Any other new songs or albums coming out soon that we can look forward to?

Absolutely! We haven’t officially announced it yet, but our next single, called “…You,” should be out in June sometime. We’ll release another couple singles before an album next year.

 Where’s your favorite place to perform?

Well we definitely enjoy every show we’ve played. I don’t think there’s been a show that we regret. We had a particularly awesome time at Project Stand in Greensburg, Pennsylvania. It’s an anti-drug addiction day of music and free food, and lives were changed. It’s happening again this year, in September, and we’ll definitely be there again!

 On the topic of performances, what’s a venue you’re looking forward to headlining someday?

Oh, all the classics. Madison Square Garden, the Rose Bowl, the Super Bowl, whatever. Or just venues we have seen cool bands play. Like, we’ve seen Hippo Campus play in the Jefferson Theater in Charlottesville, NC. We’d love to play there. In reality though, we’re incredibly thankful for any show that we get to play. We’re playing original music, and people want to come see it. That’s an incredible honor that many people don’t have.

 What artists inspire you and your music?

We take sonic influence from Coldplay, WALK THE MOON, Hippo Campus, Julia Rothenburger, and other artists like them. As far as who inspires us, though, really any artist doing good work. Jack White, Donald Glover, Avicii, anyone.

 Who’s an artist, living or passed, that you would love to work with?

For me, Chris Martin. I’d love to hang out and have a piano lesson. Or someone like Skrillex or Jack Antonoff, I’d love to work with an open-minded producer like them.

 What keeps you motivated to do what you do on a daily basis?

People do, mostly. Our favorite part about playing music is connecting with different people and creating relationships with them. We’ve met so many incredible people that we would never know if it hadn’t been for Oceanic, so the prospect of meeting more people and spreading love is what keeps us motivated.

 Why have you chosen music and what do you love most about it?

It comes back to people, again. We all love playing music, so that’s great, but really we chose it as a career to be able to love people. We want our music and our lives to inspire someone to think about the world differently, and we want to bring love with us wherever our music takes us.

 If you’re not performing or recording new music, what’s your favorite thing to be doing?

As a group, we probably love just hanging out with each other and making weird jokes the most. Anyone that knows us knows that our brains are just strange. But we love being strange, and we love humor, so it just happens. That’s probably the most fun we have.

For me personally, I love photography, or any other artistic pursuit! That’s what I have fun with.

 If you could go back 10 years, what advice would you give yourself knowing everything you’ve accomplished now?

I would say, “Do something every day that will make you better at music.” That’s specific to me, but I think anyone can benefit. If a person does something—anything—that moves them toward a goal every day, she or he WILL become better at it. I’d say it puts them in the top 10% of other people who are trying to succeed at the same thing. Creativity is hard work. It pays off, for sure, but you’ve got to put the time and effort into it for a long, sustained amount of time. So this answer is a little less-than-poetic, but it’s definitely what I would tell myself.


KoKo Talks His Roots and Which Song Will be Taking Over the Summer Set Lists


Artist: KoKo
Location: Los Angeles, CA (from Rochester, NY)
Age: 31 years old

Our Artist of the Day, KoKo, has been lighting it up with his performances in sin city. He recently opened for Cedric Gervais and DJed for Flo Rida at some of Vegas’ biggest clubs. KoKo has become quite the renaissance man with his music – recently shooting, directing and editing the video for ‘Car Cruisin’ Music’ featuring Emeryld (check it out below). His style keeps him in his own lane, while still producing that music that everybody can bop to – especially if you’re thinking about hitting one of Las Vegas’ epic summer pool parties this year. His star seems to be on the rise as of late, and with his EDM bangers, we can 100% see why. We hope to hear much, much more of this artist in the near future, and will definitely be adding him to the concert list next time we’re in the desert oasis. For now, take a listen to his music and get to know him to see why we’re loving KoKo at the moment:

‘Car Cruisin’ Music’ – KoKo featuring Emeryld

‘Sorry Charlie’ – Emeryld (Produced by KoKo)

How old are you?
Where are you from?
Rochester, NY
Who or what helped get you into music?
Me and my older brother got into music at a young age.
What age did you start getting into music?
Out the womb!
Do you play any instruments?
I dabble in drums/keys and have been playing guitar since 8th grade.
What artists inspire you and your music?
There are too many to name, but any artist that makes me feel something usually leads to inspiration on my end.
Who is your dream collaboration?
Kanye West, Justin Timberlake, Jon Bellion, Skrillex, Flume and myself all in the same room.
What keeps you motivated to do what you do on a daily basis?
Knowing that every goal I set out for is waiting for me on the other end if I keep on working.  It’s also what makes me happy and “Happiness over EVERYTHING” is the motto in my world.
Can you tell us a little more about your experience playing Vegas shows?
Vegas is the major league of partying.  You get people from all over the world coming through on a weekly basis so you never know what kind of crowd you’re playing for.  Getting the chance to showcase at some of the biggest venues in the world is still mind blowing to me.
What is your favorite song you’ve recorded?
So far…..a record I produced and co-wrote with an artist named Emeryld called “Sorry Charlie”
What is your favorite concert venue to play?
Rehab Pool
Do you have a record label? If yes which one? Are you a member of any music organizations?
I have a publishing company which I release most of my independent music on and I am also a part of ASCAP as well.
Where do you plan on taking your music career from here?
I want to continue producing and songwriting for other artists as well as my own side project and eventually transition into playing festivals/touring.
If you’re not performing or recording new music, what do you like to do in your spare time? 
Golf, relax and binge watch tv shows.
Do you have any advice for aspiring artists to help get them to where you are today?
Trust your gut, don’t let other opinions affect what you do and KEEP GOING.  Your big break could be right around the corner and you don’t even know it yet.
What song released in 2018 so far do you think will dominate the music scene this summer?/ Do you plan on playing that at any of your sets? 
Cardi B ft. Bad Bunny & J Balvin- I Like it……….yes.
What’s your favorite concert you’ve attended?
Justin Timberlake 20/20 experience tour in 2013……. I have a weird thing for JT.
What is your favorite thing to spend money on?
Do you have any pets?
Last but not least, favorite late night snack?
Chips and Queso.

David Manceor Shares His Musical Influences and Talks New Music

nosec 008

Artist: David Manceor
Age: 28 years old
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Genre: EDM

Anyone else ever just crave an insane bass drop? Well with up-and-coming EDM artist, David Manceor, you get all of that and more. His new single ‘Body’ featuring Madison Applegate is a certified banger. For the first 30 seconds of the track, David builds the hype like only a real EDM star could do. His production leads right into the stunning vocals of Madison Applegate who carries the verses and chorus right to one of the best drops we’ve heard in awhile. David has lived across the map at this point, from Detroit to Texas to California, and we have no doubt he left his musical mark in all of these areas. Stop wasting time and go download ‘Body’. You won’t be disappointed. While you’re listening, get to know David more:

‘Body’ – David Manceor featuring Madison Applegate

Who or what helped get you into music?

 Started playing guitar at age 14, all self taught.

How long have you been DJing/producing?

Djing Since 2005. Started in High school doing graduation parties, house parties, school events. Then in college moved to frat parties and more house parties. Started producing in February of 2011 after seeing Skrillex play at a sold out Austin Music Hall (this was right after he released Scary Monsters). It inspired me to take the next step in my journey.

What’s your favorite part of that lifestyle?

All the amazing people I get to meet.

What’s been something that’s been difficult for you in this profession, and what has helped you get past it?

Being consistent and not being a perfectionist. Consistency releasing music is so important and I’ve struggled with perfectionism. The truth in art is nothing is ever perfect and sometimes you have to just let go and move on to the next thing. No one is going to notice that the snare sound “isn’t just right”. It’s all in our head at the end of the day. Building good habits is always the solution. A habit of releasing music consistently, it’s something I’m still working on to this day.

Do you play any instruments?
Guitar for 14+ years. Bit of piano and working on my singing voice.

Tech House Mix – David Manceor

What was it like working with Madison Applegate?

It’s great. She is an incredible vocalist.

Do you assist in the songwriting process with your music as well? 

Yes, although it does vary song to song. Madison is an outstanding top-line writer. It’s very easy for her to craft melodies. We then typically work on the lyrics together.

What’s something you want our readers to remember about you after this interview?

I have the letters GTTF tattoo’d on my wrist. GTTF stands for Get To The Front. Life motto.

I have a lot of amazing music in the pipeline, so stay tuned.

Any other new songs or albums coming out soon that we can look forward to?

On Friday, May 11th I have a song coming out called ‘Destiny’. Fun track that takes the listener on a little ride. I also have another song in the works with Madison Applegate that will be coming out near the end of May.

Where’s your favorite place to perform?

NOS event center was amazing. Would love to play at Academy (the revamped Create nightclub) in LA in the near future.

‘Shape of You’ – David Manceor (Ed Sheeran Remix)

On the topic of performances, what’s a venue you’re looking forward to headlining someday?

Academy. Main stage EDC 2020.

What artists inspire you and your music?

 Deadmau5, Linkin Park (RIP Chester)

Who’s an artist, living or passed, that you would love to work with?

Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park, Chester Bennington (RIP), Skrillex.

What keeps you motivated to do what you do on a daily basis?

 Constant learning. Every time I watch a tutorial, play around on guitar, play around in Ableton and learn some new trick it inspires me.

Why have you chosen music and what do you love most about it?

Creating music just makes me happy. DJ-ing makes other people happy and I love that. It’s so awesome to be on stage and know that you are helping people in the crowd let go of their problems and worries just for one night. We all need a little of that from time to time.

If you’re not performing or recording new music, what’s your favorite thing to be doing?

 I love rock climbing and surfing. Fortnite has also been a recent obsession.

If you could go back 10 years, what advice would you give yourself knowing everything you’ve accomplished now?

Stop watching YouTube and TV. Do more, create good habits and always start each day with music.

Pilot the Helm Talks with Not in Harmony and Drops Off Their Newest Single/Music Video


Photos by: Thomas Atkinson (@tpatkinsonphoto)

Artist: Pilot the Helm
Ages: 21 and 23 years old
Location: Itasca, IL

We are so stoked to kick off this week with a song and video premiere from one of our favorite acts right now, Pilot the Helm. The group is made up of 21 year old Alex Piemonte (Pie) and 23 year old Mikey Schawel out of Illinois. PTH is an amazing talent with such raw, beautiful music. Their new single ‘Places’ is beyond catchy and relatable. The lyrics describe feelings that we’ve all felt before, and they flow perfectly with the track. The hook is a major standout as it creates a smooth transition into the chorus. Overall, killer song. The video is a work of art in itself. It provides the perspective of several individuals throughout and is definitely a must-watch. We can’t wait to hear more from these super talented guys. Check out their new video and song below, plus get to know them in our interview, so you can say you were a fan before they hit it big!

‘Places’ – Pilot the Helm

When did you get started in music?

Pie: I started playing guitar at the age of 10. I would always pick up my buddy’s guitar, and I thought it was the coolest thing I had ever seen in my life (it still is).

Mikey: I started taking piano lessons at a really young age. I’ve been playing ever since.

Who or what really inspired your start?

Pie: I grew up listening to the Beatles. Once I became a teenager, I was super into Van Halen, Guns n’ Roses and all of the crazy guitar solos and hair metal bands. For a while, I was like, “Hell yeah, that’s what I wanna do,” so that was sort of where the dream began.

Mikey: My family was always big on music. My dad used to play the Beatles for us on an acoustic guitar when I was a young kid. I always loved it, but I never wanted to pursue it as a career until I saw Muse at Lollapalooza when I was 13 years old.

What instruments do you guys play?

Pie: I dabble on the piano, but I’m a guitarist and vocalist at heart.

Mikey: I was homeschooled growing up, so I had A LOT of time to play music. Now, as a producer, I find that playing core instruments like drums, bass, guitar and keys have all been critical to the music-making process.

What was the first song you remember recording together, and how did that come to be?

Pie: In 2015, I had written some songs while attending community college, and I was always thinking about recording them. I had known Mikey for a majority of my life, and I knew he was beginning to produce artists, so we settled on one of the songs I wrote called, “Whispers.” We produced the song and recorded it – that’s where it all began.

How did the group start?

Pie: We were really excited about how “Whispers” turned out, so I started writing more songs. Originally, I was planning on doing a solo project under my name, Alex Piemonte, with Mikey producing it. After about 3 songs into the EP we had started writing together and I was like, “Holy shit, we write amazing together.” I pitched the idea of starting a band to Mikey, and he was all for it. We finished the EP together, settled on a band name “Pilot the Helm”, and released our first EP. The rest is history.

Mikey: Sauce^

Tell us about your new single and video ‘Places’.

Pie: After we released the first EP, we had started writing like crazy and one of the songs Mikey started writing was “Places”. This was actually one of the first songs we wrote after releasing our self-titled EP. I think “Places” encompasses a lot of the real issues that humans deal with (this one being about escapism).

Mikey: “Places” is about the places we’ve been in life and the relationships we’ve endured. It deals with the pain of being in abusive relationships and being in a place where you’re reflecting on those times. It also deals with the rawness of substance abuse and how sometimes numbing our pain actually causes more of it.

Any other new music or upcoming plans that we can look forward to?

Mikey: Right now, we’re in the process of tracking and writing a ton of new material. Simultaneously, we’re switching our focus to playing a bunch of shows we have lined up for this summer and testing out new material on new crowds.

‘Fire’ – Pilot the Helm

What artists/groups inspire you guys?

Pie: Until I was 5 years old, I hadn’t really been exposed to anything else other than the Beatles (thanks to my dad). From a songwriting and music perspective, The Beatles are my number one inspiration. However, I do listen to pretty much anything that makes a sound.

Mikey: I am literally all over the place. I will put on a Skrillex record and follow it up with Keith Urban. My biggest influence in terms of songwriting is most likely Radiohead.

What’s been the best career advice you’ve gotten thus far?

Pie: Be you.

Mikey: Put yourself in a position where you are the worst musician in the band.

What’s been the most surreal moment you’ve had in your music career to date?

Pie: We’ve played a couple of shows now with 100-200 people who all know our music. There’s been one moment from each of the shows that will forever be surreal, and that’s when we’re playing one of our songs “Fire”. I stick the mic out to the crowd during the chorus and they scream every word.

Mikey: I’d have to say one of the gigs we played close to our hometown. We filled up the local bar and just received a bunch of great energy from everyone at the show.

If you could get any 2 artists to do a feature on your next album, who would you choose?

Pie: Paul McCartney and Brandon Flowers.

Mikey: Skrillex and James Blake.

What’s the most difficult part of being an up-and-coming/undiscovered artist?

Pie: Getting your music out there and staying focused on one thing at a time.

Mikey: Probably just maintaining hope that what you do will affect people in the way you want.

Do you guys play any live shows?

Pie: Yes, and we’re super excited for this summer because we have a ton of shows lined up. We have one show that we’ve announced at the legendary Rochaus on June 7th and we’ll be announcing more shows over the next few weeks on our website ( and our social media.

What’s that like?

Pie: Indescribable. Playing your music to people and getting great feedback from the audience is the most amazing feeling in the world.

Mikey: It’s honestly sauce.

Any rituals you have before going on stage?

Pie: One shot of Jameson.

Mikey: I don’t really have a ritual yet.

‘The Shore’ – Pilot the Helm

What would you name your debut album if you were signed to a major record label?

Both: Fake Smile.

What do you guys like to do for fun outside of music?

Pie: I used to play hockey so I still enjoy doing that, but I just love being around friends and people in general. Oh, and anime.

Mikey: I’m obsessed with culinary. I love cooking. I also skateboard.

And last but not least, what’s one thing you want your fans to always remember about you?

Pie: Do what you love and fuck everything else.

Mikey: I want people to remember more than just the melodies and catchiness of our music. I want to open up conversations based on deep lyrics that engage peoples’ hidden feelings.


Artist of the Moment: Stan Sono

Stan Sono Photo (1)

Artist: Stan Sono
Location: Chicago, IL
Genre: Hip-hop


Today we’re bringing you our Artist of the Moment, Stan Sono. Originally hailing from the Ukraine, the super chill hip-hop artist moved to Chicago with his family at a young age and hasn’t looked back since. Stan describes his musical style as an “eargasm”, which after listening to a bunch of his tracks, we’d have to agree with. His music is similar to Drake mixed with the The Dream in our opinion, except Stan takes it one step further by really putting his own flavor on his songs. A few of his tracks have garnered over a million listens on SoundCloud, while his music videos have been gaining traction as well. We’re pretty hyped for you all to check out his music, so get into it below and get to know this future star:

‘Westside’ – Stan Sono featuring Ricky P

Q: How do you think you’ve grown as an individual and as an artist since you started making music?
A: On an individual level – i definitely have thicker skin, more patience (even though I hate waiting) and always learning new shit every day. I feel as an artist I can adapt to anything now, and I’m getting even better as a songwriter. My song making ability is on point after making like thousands of songs throughout the years. So put me in a room with whoever and give me 30 minutes, and we’ll have gold on our hands, I promise.

Q: What’s the best advice you’ve been given about your music?
A: To keep pushin’ and always be me in the music, tell my story more. My boy Fya Man wants me to channel my inner David Ruffin more. He always comes with that wisdom and we got dope music on the way. Shouts to the OG Malik Yusef who’s a great mentor too. He told me to always go with my gut and the instant I hear something in my head, hit record right away. I always felt that way, but never actually did it 100% of the time. Now I do it 150% of the time like I voice record everything literally.

Q: Tell us about your song ‘Westside’. How did that come to be and what was it like making it?
A: Definitely – well I remember I had a trip to LA and somethin’ was tellin’ me to make a vibe that I could play out there. I gotta lotta homies in and around LA. So when that idea came, Westside happened pretty quick. I made the beat and had the hook down like at the same time. Then once I got to LA, one of my first sessions was with the homie Ricky P. His energy is contagious man, he’s super fun and just awesome to be around. So he did his thing to it and it was an instant classic. My fans really fuck with this one!

Q: And the video?
A: My guys Ted, Jay, and the team from PVSTCK went crazy. Ted flew out and shot it with me and it just makes u wanna be in Cali for sure.

Q: Any other new singles or albums coming that we can look forward to?
A: Yes and yes. I’m working on multiple projects and have a ton of music in the vault. Loadin’ up the clip and then you know what time it is.

‘Impress Me’ – Stan Sono

Q: What message do you want your music to have?
A: I think my message is one that starts and ends with love, loyalty, and sacrifice. Each song is a universe of its own. 

Q: If you could do a duet with any artist, who would you choose and why?
A: Right now, I would say I want to do a duet with Alina Baraz. She’s so dope, I love her voice and think us together on a song would go crazy. If I had the choice to pick a male artist, I’d say The Dream cuz everyone that knows me knows he’s my biggest influence…and the harmonies on that shit would be insane, lots of babymakin’ music.

Q: Who has been your biggest supporter throughout your career?
A: My mom and my family. They always want me to be happy and do what I love. That’s what they brought me here to do, in a way, from another country to live out a good life. I’m super grateful for them and without them I’d be nowhere.

Q: What are your favorite things to do outside of music?
A: I love the NBA, that’s my favorite shit to watch besides Netflix. I love Atlanta and The Walking Dead. Those shows are amazing high key. I love eating and checkin’ out new spots. Summertime Chicago is the best too so I’m definitely soakin’ up that sun when we have it.

Q: What is your favorite food to cook?
A: I make bomb ass pancakes, chocolate chip ones with strawberries and bananas and then you know some hash browns and scrambled eggs. Full breakfast, my shit flames!




EDM Pop Artist Margie Chadburn Talks Upcoming Music and Going Behind the Scenes

Screen Shot 2018-05-01 at 8.45.03 PM.png

Artist: Margie Chadburn
Age: Forever 21 years old
Location: Georgia/Utah
Genre: EDM/Pop


With the recent, almost overdue rise of artists like Alison Wonderland and Rezz, the EDM scene is finally beginning to become a little more female. A genre that is so heavily dominated by men is on its’ way to hopefully becoming more equal in terms of gender. Artists like the super talented Margie Chadburn, who we had the pleasure of interviewing, are cranking out some really hot music and are helping to bridge the gap a little more.

Margie is blazing her own fire as both an EDM and pop artist, and her gift really shines on songs like ‘Don’t Die Young’. The track is beautifully haunting. From the lyrics to the production to Margie’s vocals, everything is perfect. We can’t wait to keep hearing more music from Margie, and we’ll be sure to keep you all posted when some is released! In the meantime, jump in below and get to know this rising star:

‘Don’t Die Young’ – Margie Chadburn

Climate Change (3)

‘Feel It’ – Margie Chadburn



Industry Interview: Artist Collective Founder, Evan Price, Shares Music Industry Tips

Kapow headshots Chicago

We decided to switch it up for one of our recent interviews. Not in Harmony is the home of the undiscovered/up-and-coming artist in more ways than one. Not only do we bring you new music and interviews from our favorite artists, but we will be featuring interviews from time-to-time with those in the music industry that have the knowledge and experience to potentially help artists out there wanting to make it big. Our first Industry Interview comes from Evan Price, the founder of Artist Collective, which is a music consulting company out of Chicago. Check out the following statement from the Artist Collective website for a better understanding of their mission:

“Artist Collective is a music consulting company with the goal of taking artists from being a part-time musician to a full-time business. We hyperfocus on personal branding, time management, building superfans, and ways to monetize based on the specific skills of the artist.”

The company started out as a traditional management company with artist and American Idol alum, Vinnie Hines, as one of its first clients. Today, Vinnie has become Evan’s partner in the business as it has journeyed into a more consulting focus. With Vinnie’s music experience and Evan’s background in music business, the duo seem to have a recipe for success.

Evan’s passions started when he was a teenager. He jumped into concert promotion at the age of 14 as a big fan of metal music. Growing up in a smaller area, he describes the disappointment that came from not being able to see his favorite artists without traveling to a bigger city. Being an entrepreneur at heart, Evan didn’t give up on achieving his goals. He proceeded to contact the agents of a lot of these artists and ended up receiving agreements from a few of them. After tagging along for the tours of a couple artists, Evan decided this wasn’t the lifestyle for him, but his love and passion for the industry never faded, so he continued to pursue the strategic, business side.

Artist Collective often works with artists that have not yet signed to a management company, but may be in need of one. With their process, they put artists through an entire consultation, helping to determine the best options for the roadmap of their careers. Evan states that sometimes artists think they know what they need, but they are not always necessarily focused on the right things at the right times, so Artist Collective comes in to assist. Although the company is based in Chicago, they have clients they’ve worked with in other areas of the country. Regardless of location, if Evan and his team decide an artist is in need of the type of services they offer, then they are open to discussions.

Making sure that an artist’s music becomes their business and their brand, as opposed to just a hobby, is one of the musts for Artist Collective. They prefer to work with artists that possess the hunger to be constantly working towards a sustainable career. When asked what the biggest advice he’d give artists is, he responds by stressing the importance of super fans. His company believes it’s huge to have fans that will follow your music and your endeavors every step of the way, and that is a huge step in starting a career. Rather than jumping into business with a ton of different artists, his company has made the decision to begin working with around 10 artists in a three month program to start, as to make sure they can hyper-focus on helping steer them in the right direction.

In addition to the three month program, Evan and the rest of Artist Collective work to utilize contacts they’ve developed over the years to help develop artist’s careers if they feel they are ready. These contacts have grown at Artist Collective’s music networking events, which are held a few times a year and have great turnouts, according to Evan.

It was fantastic speaking with Evan and getting more insight into what his company does and how they can help artists looking to hit it big. Check out their site and Instagram pages below to learn more or get in touch.

American Idol Alum David Francisco Talks Upcoming Plans, New Music and the Importance of Forgiveness


If you’ve been on social media at all in the past few months, you’re sure to have seen the focus of our latest interview, David Francisco. David’s audition and story won the hearts of millions of Americans watching the ABC American Idol reboot, and close to another 50 million people online. He auditioned with his girlfriend and one of his biggest supporters, Kristi, by his side. In our interview with David, he revealed that Kristi has now become his wife, so big congratulations again!

For those that haven’t heard/seen the story, David was previously in a life-changing accident that left him unable to move his legs. He was riding his bicycle one day when he was struck by the driver of a vehicle. Although this incident has had a major impact on David’s life, it is my opinion that the details of the accident’s aftermath are almost more important to share as they truly reflect the kind of amazing individual that David is.

As the saying goes, we’re not defined by what happens to us, but by how we react. Despite everything that occurred, David continues to keep a smile on his face. He continues to push forward and to make progress on a daily basis. After having the chance to speak with David, I can confidently say he’s one of the most positive, good-spirited, kind people, I’ve ever encountered.

A huge takeaway from our interview was the importance of forgiveness in David’s life. Rather than pressing charges against the driver, David wanted to help her, not hate her. He thanks his strong support system for getting him to where he is today, however, he recognizes that not everyone has that same type of encouragement to surround themselves with.

This realization resulted in David asking the judge involved in his case to have the driver enter a rehabilitation program and to work to better herself as opposed to taking further legal action. It took some time, but eventually David came face to face with the driver of the car. The two met in Tennessee and immediately embraced each other. He ended up forgiving the woman and has continuously worked to move past all of this. Just another a huge testament of his character.

David Francisco American Idol Audition

Remaining true to himself, David’s positivity has only grown over time. Despite being cut on American Idol during Hollywood Week, he has kept his head held high. Based on our conversation, it seems opportunity is knocking on several doors for him at the time. Since his brief stint on the singing competition, David has had a ton of press and interviews and is still somehow finding time to make new music for his upcoming album, which he is planning on releasing this fall.

In addition to recording his music, David has quite a few other, exciting events coming up. On June 4th, he will be appearing briefly on The Ellen Show. Don’t miss it! Then just a few weeks later, David, along with his wife, Kristi and several other music industry professionals will be embarking on a 500 mile bike ride along the coast of California. The event kicks off on June 23rd and proceeds will benefit MusiCares and the Shepherd Center Foundation. For more info or to donate, visit DF Ride for Hope.

‘Lionheart’ – David Francisco

Just a few more fun facts about David:

  • David met Katy Perry before appearing on American Idol. He is a member of the charity organization MusiCares. When promoting her latest album, Witness, Katy invited several different people to meet with her over the course of a few days. As a fellow member of MusiCares, she asked to have someone from the organization come meet with her, and that person happened to be David! He had the opportunity to sing/play guitar alongside Katy and country star, Kacey Musgraves.

  • David was in talks to work on his upcoming album with the musical producer of the hit movie, The Greatest Showman. Unfortunately timing did not align due to both of their busy schedules.
  • When auditioning for American Idol, David arrived at 8am and wasn’t able to perform for the judges until 10pm. He did mention that judges Katy Perry, Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan were all super down-to-earth and kind when he met them.
  • David originally performed his original song ‘Lionheart’ for the judges, however, that did not make it on air unfortunately.

We cannot thank David enough for taking the time to speak with us and let us in on the details of his story. David is the definition of a great human being, and he is the type of person that the world could use more of today. We’re really stoked to hear his new music coming to us soon. Keep it locked on Not in Harmony for updates on that in the future!